Brittany Club Membership Details

Below are the Brittany club membership details. Members are kept in touch with all Club activities, breed issues, views, and opinions, through a  Newsletter currently published in Spring and Autumn, and also through breed correspondents in the Breed Notes section of the two national dog weekly newspapers, Dog World and Our Dogs. There is now a local representative to whom enquiries should be made on the Breed or the Club. These are listed under the Committee Section.

Subscription Rates for 2017 – Single: £10.00 Joint: £15.00

Click below for a Membership Application Form

Click here for an club Rules and Constitution in Word Format (.DOC)

Click here for Application form in Word Format (.doc)
Click here for an Application Form in Adobe Acrobat Format (.PDF)

Click here for Bank Mandate form (.DOC)
Click here for Bank Mandate form (.PDF)

This is an ACTIVE Club, for ACTIVE owners of a very ACTIVE breed!

Members of the Club can gain access to the Members Section of this Website

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