Brittany Rescue & Rehoming

Please contact our Rehoming co-ordinator, Jan Taylor, to offer a home –

Brittany Rescue & Rehoming, Please help give a Brittany a home

Rescue MeBrittanys are energetic dogs and will be lively, affectionate pets. There are many reasons why some need to be re-homed. Family circumstances change or the dog may require more outlets for its enthusiasm than was expected. Our hope is that we can place ‘round pegs in round holes’ by finding out what the dog is like and what you are looking for and can offer.

For many people the challenge of coping with any young dog, no matter what its breed, can be too demanding. Giving a home to an older dog can be much easier, with a lot of the basic training, like house and car training, already done. Have a look at the brief ‘pen pictures’ of these dogs and, if you are interested, contact me by clicking the email link above for more information. Even if there is not one that is ideal for you we can still keep you informed if anything suitable does come along.

You can also support our Brittany rescue and rehoming service with a donation or perhaps by becoming a foster carer for dogs awaiting homes. To find out more please contact Jan Taylor by clicking the email link above.

If you wish to Sponsor or Donate towards the Kenneling costs of any of the dogs below please contact Jan Taylor on 01763 244071 or email Please mark any donations with the name of the dog you wish to sponsor.

Please Join is on our Brittany Club Facebook page –


Brittany Club Rescue Page

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Current Brittany’s requiring a new home.

Black & White 6 year old dog February 10, 2017 - I have a Black & White 6 year old dog [neutered] coming into rescue. He has been trained as a falconers dog. Recall good, point very good, steady to flush and hunting very good. He has been living with another 12 year old male dog who is staying with his owner's wife [his owner has died] Not used to children, clean in the house and kennel, travels well in the car. Fully vaccinated etc and micro chipped. prefer that he goes as an only dog or with an existing bitch. Must be a permanent home. Details from me in first instance on 01763 244 071 or email

Get a quote from Agria Pet InsuranceTo find out more about the Brittany Rescue and rehoming please contact either Jan Taylor on 01763 244071 or Steve Wright. 01789 772413 or for more information.

If you are thinking about adopting a Brittany and are willing to wait until the right dog is available please send me the following information to the email address above and I will add you to the list.

  • name and full address
  • Land line phone number if available and email address
  • details of the dog you are looking for i.e. sex and colour etc.

We very rarely have any puppies in rescue and have specific Brittany puppies for sale page. The average age seems to be 4/5 years or older.

Jan Taylor

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