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Although the Brittany is a Gundog it is extremely versatile and in recent years has become popular in both Obedience and  Agility.

The Brittany is more independent natured than a Collie so at the start it can be difficult to get it to understand what is required of it, but because of its short, quick gait, it has tremendous manoeuvrability and can therefore, turn corners very tightly and fast! It is an agile little dog, which is as much at home on two legs as on four, so it lends itself well to taking flight over fences with magnificent elegance. The tunnels and tyres pose no problems either since the Brit has no fear of cover. It has been said that agility provides “the only way to tire a Brittany”. Some owners use agility training in the summer months as a way of maintaining their dogs’ fitness for the shooting season.

There are many Obedience Clubs and Shows throughout the country and it is becoming popular with Brittany owners. The Brittany is a strong willed dog, but always wants to please its owner, and is therefore reasonably easy to train for obedience. It used to be that the Brittany’s reputation for retrieving was rather below par but it has now been proved without shadow of a doubt that this was down to mis-handling of the dog in its early training. The Brittany likes to play more than anything else, and this includes retrieving. It does not take kindly to’ forced retrieving’ methods, and will quite suddenly realise what fun it is to ‘fetch’ for Mum or Dad, sometimes at an early age, sometimes later in its life. It can sometimes be frustrating waiting for the penny to drop, but drop it will!!!

'Sherry' on See Saw
‘Sherry’ on See Saw
'Sherry' jumping through a tyre
‘Sherry’ jumping through a tyre
'Sherry'  on A-Frame
‘Sherry’ on A-Frame