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All Aged Field Trial – 13 Sep 2021 – Judges Report

Judges Field Trial Report for The Brittany Club of Great Britain All Aged Stake held at Horncastle, Lincolnshire on Monday the 13th of September 2021.

By kind permission of Mr S. R. C. Major

Chief Steward: John Cottrell

A panel judge: Mr P Bakewell (2568)

Non panel judge: Mike Ede (3975)

I would like to thank The Brittany Club of Great Britainfor asking me to co-judge with Peter. Thanks also to Mr Rory Major for letting us use his ground.

The ground held a plentiful supply of game including English partridge, hare and the odd out of season pheasant. It seemed to offer seemingly endless sugar beet to challenge the dogs. The day started off dry and overcast. For much of the trial the we had a headwind and by and large we lost dogs as they committed eliminating faults. A lot of the dogs struggled to handle birds that weren’t prepared to sit about and ran strongly ahead of the dogs. We took two dogs to water but unfortunately the second dog turned back and failed to complete the retrieve.

Dogs in the awards

First No. 8 Deepthatch Rocket GSP Dog Stuart Webster

First run – This dog’s run began with a blind retrieve after the previous dog struggled to get into the area of fall. A quick and efficient retrieve that was delivered tenderly to hand. The dog set off with pace and quickly located a covey of partridge on the left-hand flank, which was produced on command before the dog dropped. Birds were shot to the left and right of the dog, the dog marking one of the birds on the left (unlike the judges who both marked the bird on the right) at the judges request the bird on the right was picked, again a quick and efficient retrieve that was delivered tenderly to hand.

Second run – A nice run, the dog clearly understood its job requiring little input from the handler but responded quickly when asked to do something different. Touched on scent a few times before resuming hunting with drive and purpose.

Third run – The dog acquitted itself well with a thorough coverage of the ground which was delivered with good pace and style. Any lingering scent was quickly dismissed as the dog worked it out before the dog resumed quartering with stamina, pace and style.

At the water he entered without hesitation, as well as swimming and retrieving to our satisfaction.

Mr J Hudson’s GWP bitch Kragborg Elsa (11) was given the guns award.

I would like to express my thanks again to all concerned and specially to Peter for being an excellent and patient co-judge who imparted much wisdom over the course of the day. Also, the guns who did an excellent job of getting the birds on the ground when we needed them.

Many thanks,

Mike Ede

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