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Working and Training Day Photos and Tan Report – 18 Sep 2022

Click for Photos from the Working and Training Day (including the TAN)


This was judged by committee member Will Tyler and stewarded by Sue Wright. Will, who has worked Brittanys for many years, has a particular interest in the hunting and pointing elements of HPR work. The field provided was a large and gently sloping meadow with plenty of light cover, in which three quail were individually positioned, and camouflaged further with a covering of branches from the hedges. Other piles of branches were dotted about to prevent dogs using them as an indicator of game! Visibility for spectators was excellent.

Participants started their dogs from the downwind position, working them into the wind and towards the watching gallery. Quartering varied from running riot to disinterested, but most pairings managed to locate at least one bird. Since most handlers were attempting this for the first time the judging frequently morphed into a well-received coaching session.

After every dog had run, we broke for lunch, before the judge’s top two were asked to run again to find an individual winner. These were Larry Wilks’s visiting Saint-Usage Spaniel, Roquette (having the benefit of an experienced trials handler), and new member Mark Whatley’s little black & white bitch Bella. Fortunately, the latter triumphed and we were able to award the trophy to Mark. Bella is his second Brittany and his interest is solely in working them – so he too is an experienced handler.


1. Mark Whatley’s Bella (Denandmeg Seven Sisters)

2. Larry Wilks’ Roquette de Regloix Artis (Saint-Usage Spaniel)

3. Caroline Perks Layla (Rochus Sea Holly)

Also achieving the TAN diploma was Elaine Radcliffe’s Viszla, Akivegzo Meadow and Lucy Pritchard with Ruby Belladonna (having previously gained their TAN certificate). Lynette Fuchs ran her Tarward Practical Prince after the competition had finished, and Karin Southorn was unable to complete her run with Rochus Perrine – both these dogs will sadly be outside the qualifying age next year.