List of books of interest to Brittany owners.

Brittany – General

Beauchamp, Richard, Brittany,(English) Probably the best general level book at the moment in English.

Dehasse, Dr Joel, L’Epagneul Breton,(French) Canadian

Gagniard, A, L’epagneul Breton,(French) enthusiastic more than accurate

Gunther, Christian. L’Epagneul Breton. (French) President of the French CEB.

Herriot, Sylvain Vous et votre Epagneul breton (French)

Kermadec. L’Epagneul Breton. (French)

Limouzy, Christian, L’Epagneul Breton,(French)

Le Gall André & Bourdon Hervé L’épagneul breton : l’épopée d’un chien de légende (French)

Louvet, Jean, L’Epagneul Breton 2000,(French) a very technical study of the Brittany, good line drawings of structure.

Lessard, M. L’Epagneul Breton, (French)

Marangoni, Umberto, L’Epagneul Breton,(Italian)

Munsch, L’Epagneul Breton,(French) 1937 classic text

Pisano, Beverley, Brittany spaniels,(English) American

Pouchain, Gaston, L’Epagneul Breton,(French) Considered ‘The book’ by many

Rice, Dan. Brittanys,(complete Pet owners Manual) (English) American text.

Riddle, Maxwell, The Complete Brittany Spaniel,(English) A general text on the American Brittany


Abrantes, Roger, The Evolution of Canine Social Behaviour,(English)

Budiansky, Stephen, The truth about dogs,(English) How a dog thinks

Fennell, Jan, The dog listener,(English)

Pryor, Karen, Don’t shoot the dog,(English) Operant conditioning – the background to clicker training

Sheldrake, Rupert, Dogs that know when their owners are coming home,(English)

Whitney, Leon, Dog psychology,(English) An oldish but interesting book


Gusweller,, The Rufus Chronicles,(English) A touching tale of a hunting Brittany

Pointing Dogs

Argue, Derry, Pointers and Setters,(English) Some very sound training ideas

Blaze, Elzear, Le Chasseur au chien d’arret,(French) General hunting in early 20th c France

Cassassoles, F, Guide du chasseur chien d’arret,(French) 1860

Castaing, Jean, Les chiens d’arret,(French) Very good history of pointing dogs.

Humel, Fritz, Les chiens de chasse. Conaitre, choisir, dresser,(French) general introduction

Kermadec, R, Le chien d arret,(French)

LeLouarn, Patrick. Les Epagneuld de France (French) Quite a large section on EB.


Cahill, Marie, Training and showing our dog,(English) Basic introduction

Cunliffe, Juliette, Show training for you and your dog,(English)


Balabanov and Duet, Advanced Schutzhund,(English)

Bellecroix, Ernest, ‘Down’ Dressage a l’Anglais du chien d arret,(French)

Castaing, Jean, Dressage et utilisation du chien d’arret,(French) conversation betwen master and apprentice

Deeley, Martin, Advanced gundog training,(English)

Dommanget, Robert, Dressage de Fram,(French) Training a pointer

Erlandson, Keith, Gundog Training,(English) Teaching the ‘go’ before the ‘stop’

Fitt, Neville, The scientific education of dogs for the gun,(English) reprint of 1890 book

Godart, L’Abbe, Je dresse mon chien,(French)

Hammond and Hammond, Training and hunting the Brittany Spaniel,(English) Specific training for the Brittany

Hartley, Oliver, Hunting Dogs,(American) American book mainly on con hounds and similar hunting dogs

Heath, Veronica, A dog at heel; Beating, picking up, retrieving,(English) Introduction to working on a shoot

Holden and White, A-Z of dog training and behaviour,(English)

Irving, Joe, Training Spaniels,(English)

Irving, Joe, Professional Gundog Training,(English)

Koehler, William, The Koehler method of open obedience for ring and field,(English) Training to a high standard using ‘force’ methods.

Middleton, Joseph, Top Dog,(English) E collar training

Most, Konrad, Training Dogs,(English) The founder of FF

Moxon, Peter, Gundogs, training and field trials,(English)

O’Neil, J, All about agility,(English)

Quinn, tom, Working Retrievers,(English) American training of field trial and working retrievers.

Roebuck, Kenneth, Pointing dogs. Care and training of all pointing breeds,(English) American

Sharpe, R, Dog training by amateurs,(English) 1949 reprint of a much earlier book.

Stetson, Joe, Hunting with flushing dogs,(English) American

Strickland, Winfred, Expert obedience training for dogs,(English)

Wallace, Guy, The Versatile Gundog,(English) Training HPRs to gun and hawk.

Weston, David, Dog training, the gentle modern method,(English) Introductory.

Wolters, Richard, Gundog. Revolutionary rapid training method,(English)

Wright, Steve, The Pointing Dog – Its selection, rearing, training, work and breeding,(English)


Lanting, Fred, Canine Hip Dysplasia,(English) Indepth study, American.

Mc Dowell Lyon, The dog in action,(English) classic text on understanding structure and movement. A must read.

Volhard and brown, Holistic guide for a healthy dog,(English)

Winge, Inheritance in dogs; with special reference to hunting dogs,(English) Mendelian inheritance explained. 1960’s but still referenced to

Zink, Christine, Peak Perfoamance, Coaching the Canine Athlete,(English)