Brittany Club Field Trials

Click here to Download the 2012/2013 Field Trial Schedule

There are specific Field Trials held for the H.P.R. Breeds up and down the whole country. Competing in these can be most rewarding. If you are thinking of this as a hobby, first go to a few trials and see how they are run. There are various elements involved, and placings awarded according to performance in these. Field Trials are divided into three categories: Novice, All-Aged, and Open.

NOVICE This is restricted to dogs which have not gained the following awards at a previous Field Trial:- 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Open Stakes. 1st in All-Aged Stakes. 1st in Novice Stakes.

ALL-AGED This is open to dogs of all ages as the name suggest, but may be restricted by other conditions determined by the host Society, which is holding the Trial.

OPEN These are open to all dogs and may be limited to a prescribed number of entrants. If the Trial is oversubscribed, a draw will take place, but preference may be given to previous performance.

All Trials (and any draw required) are held under the auspices of the Kennel Club, and are governed by its Rules relating to Field Trials.

A Field Trial Champion (FT Ch) is a dog which has competed in Field Trials at Open Stakes level, and gained two 1st prize awards, or a dog which is invited to compete in the HPR Championship Stakes and wins 1st prize. These Championships are held once a year, and those invited to take part are Field Trial Champions already, or dogs which have gained 1st or 2nd at an Open Stakes at which the 1st prize counts towards the title of Field Trial Champion. (This is known as an Open Qualifier)

A Show Gundog Working Certificate may be obtained at a Field Trial under special rules for Dogs which have gained a CC at a Championship Show. This has the potential to make the dog a Full Champion (but not a Dual Champion) if it wins a further 2 CC’s. Only two dogs may be run at any one Field Trial for the SGWC. In order to gain a certificate the dog must quarter the ground in search of game, point, and flush on command, and retrieve from land and water. Absolute steadiness is not required but the dog should be under reasonable control.

A Dual Champion is a different thing – it is a dog which is both a Show Champion and a Field Trial Champion. It is a rare beast!