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25TH February 2018
JUDGE: Ms B Johnston

BISTillybirloch JemMr A & Mrs S Coveney
RBISSH CH Rochus Jayricnbrits HattieMr J & Mrs B Anderson
BPISChallowmoon NoahMrs D Mooney
BDTillybirloch JemMr A & Mrs S Coveney
RBDRochus HuxleyMr A Barlow-Evans
BBSH CH Rochus Jayricnbrits HattieMr J & Mrs B Anderson
RBBBonapartist LinnetMr P & Mrs J Yarrow
Puppy  Dog – Entries: 4  Abs:1
1stChallowmoon NoahMrs D Mooney
2ndSanbosier Naos at LaurremarMr M & Mrs L Poole
3rdHawkwise Nolan BrookMrs J Walby
Junior Dog – Entries: 0
NOVICE DOG – Entries: 0
3  Abs: 0
1stPatouche LambertMr & Mrs M Samardzija
2ndJassendue Manet’s MedleyMiss S Finch
3rdDenandmeg Mill ReefMrs M & Mrs A Wilson
LIMIT DOG – Entries: 0
OPEN DOG – Entries: 4  Abs: 0
1stTillybirloch JemMr A & Mrs S Coveney
2ndRochus HuxleyMr A Barlow-Evans
3rdRochus MoetMr J & Mrs B Anderson
ResHawkwise Land AgentMr S Wright
VETERAN DOG – Entries:5   Abs: 2
1stSH CH Rochus FolioMr J & Mrs B Anderson
2ndPatouche AcropoleMr W & Mrs E Molton
3rdEastonite Dearg DoomMr E C Hawkins
1 Abs: 0
1stPatouche Cardinal For CallmillardMiss S Axtell
PUPPY BITCH – Entries: 5  Abs: 1
1stHawkwise Nice N EasyMrs C L & Mr P McEvoy
2ndHawkwise NuggetMr S Wright
3rdNeska De Skol Louarn at PatoucheMrs P Rush
ResSanbosier NaiaMr P & Mrs E Skeet
JUNIOR BITCH – Entries:  2 Abs: 0
1stNeuvelle Nariska at JassendueMs S Gudgin
2ndSanbosier NaiaMr P & Mrs E Skeet
NOVICE BITCH – Entries:   Abs: 0
Entries:   Abs: 0
1stTillybirloch MistiqueMr A & Mrs S Coveney
2ndJassendue LianaMrs M Boaz
3rdRochus LunaMr A Barlow-Evans
ResTarward Laura at JayricnbritsMrs M J Cutler
LIMIT BITCH – Entries: 4  Abs: 0
1stBonapartist LinnetMr P & Mrs J Yarrow
2ndPixbrook Joyrider at SanbosierMr M & Mrs L Stevens
3rdRochus LottieMr B C & Mrs D G Davies
ResPatouche JaimeeMiss S Ryan
OPEN BITCH – Entries: 3  Abs: 0
1stSH CH Rochus Jayricnbrits HattieMr J & Mrs B Anderson
2ndSH CH Highclare Hellraiser at DenandmegMr M E & Mrs A Wilson
3rdRochus JulietMrs K Southorn
VETERAN BITCH – Entries:  1  Abs: 0
1stRochus VefaMrs K Southorn
Entries:3  Abs: 0
1stPixbrook Joyrider at SanbosierMr M & Mrs L Stevens
2ndRochus LucieMr J & Mrs B Anderson
3rdJassendue LianaMrs M Boaz

Critique by Judge Becky

The Brittany Club of Great
25th February 2018
My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for extending me this wonderful invitation. I considered it a great honour and privilege to have the opportunity and was thrilled with the size of the entry and depth of quality of those dogs coming.  Thanks to Kathy Gorman for stewarding and thanks to all exhibitors for your support.  There was a lovely atmosphere ringside and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with this lovely breed.
PD (4, 1)
1st Mooney’s Challowmoon Noah.  Beautifully balanced puppy with square outline.  His head shape is correct viewed from the front and side with strong muzzle and high earset. Clean neck leading to good lay of shoulder.  Well rounded ribcage and short loin.  Well shaped hindquarters with no exaggeration.  Excellent bone and feet.  Moved on a brisk short stride.  BPIS.
2nd    Poole’s Sanbosier Naos at Laurremar.  Not as forward as my winner and slightly longer cast.  Pleasing head and expression with good earset.  Correct depth of chest with elbows close
to the brisket.  Ribcage correct for age.  Well-made hindquarters.  Moved briskly – at one with his handler.
3rd Walby’s Hawkwise Nolan Brook
JD/ND – no entries
PGD (3)
1st Samardzija’s Patouche
Lambert.  Well balanced.  Up to size but within the standard. Balanced head of correct proportions. Dark eye and high earset.  Clean neck leading to muscular shoulders and well-rounded ribcage.  Deep chest with elbows tight to the brisket.  I would like him a fraction shorter in loin.  Well-muscled hindquarters.  Correct brisk movement which won him the class.
2nd    Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley.  Well balanced with square outline when viewed from the side.  Typical head and kind expression.  Well placed shoulders.  Although I preferred
his rib/loin proportions to that of the winner I would like a little more rounding of the ribcage.  I would also like a little more moderation in is stifle as he kicked back slightly on the move.
3rd Wilson’s Denandmeg Mill Reef.
LD (no entries)
OD (4)
1st Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jem.  I thought this dog was cracking.  On the stack he presents a true breed outline – square and cobby with no exaggeration.  His head is correctly proportioned with a soft expression, strong muzzle and correctly set ears.  His neck is clean and leads in to muscular shoulders.  Deep chest with elbows tight to the brisket.  Very good length of foreleg with good bone and feet.  Well rounded ribcage and short loin.  He has at the correct slope of croup with well-muscled powerful thighs.  Lovely brisk movement maintaining his outline throughout. BD & BIS.
2nd Barlow-Evans’ – Rochus Huxley.  Another quality dog.  Just slightly longer cast than mywinner.  Good head shape with kind expression and correct earset.  Strong neck with well placed shoulders and deep chest.  Well rounded ribcage.  His loin could be just a fractionshorter. Well made hindquarters.  Good bone and feet.  Brisk sound movement.  RBD
3rd Anderson’s Rochus Moet
VD (5 ,2)
1st Anderson’s Sh Ch Rocus Folio.  Well balanced all through  presenting square outline when stacked.  Correct head proportions with dark eye and soft expression.  Correctly placed shoulder
with well-rounded ribcage and short loin.  Correct hindquarters with no exaggeration. Excellent bone and feet.  Moved on a brisk stride.  BVIS
2nd    Molton’s Patouche   Acropole.    At nearly 13 years of age this dog is a great credit to his owners and the breed.  He is well balanced with a head of correct proportions, dark eye and correct
earset.  Well rounded ribcage with elbows tight to the brisket.  Slightly dipping in his topline now but at his age this can be expected.  I would like a little less angulation in his hindquarters.  Moved very soundly on a brisk stride.
3rd Hawkins’ – Eastonite Dearg Doom
WD (1)
1st xtell’s Patouche Cardinal For Callmillard.lthough he stood alone he was very worthy of his placed and pushed hard for top honours.  Square, cobby outline.  Well balanced head with dark eye and strong muzzle.  Clean neck leading to very muscular shoulders and deep chest with elbows close to the brisket.  Excelled in his ribcage with short loin and powerful hindquarters.  Correct bone with excellent feet.  In the challenge he didn’t move as well as he did in the class but he pushed all the way.
PB (5, 1)
1st McEvoy’s Hawkwise Nice N Easy.  Balanced, square outline.  Correct head shape with soft expression and high set ears.  Clean neck leading to correct slope of shoulder.  Her depth of chest is correct for her age as is her spring of rib. Short loin.  Well shaped hindquarters. Moved on a brisk stride.  RBPIS
2nd    Wright’s Hawkwise Nugget.  Little sister to the winner and a little more forward in development however she refused to settle properly in movement which ultimately cost her the class.  Excellent square outline with correct head shape and kind expression.  More developed in ribcage than her sister at the moment.  Excellent bone and feet.  I am sure once she settles down she will do very well.
3rd Rush – Neska De Skol Louarn at Patouche
JB (2)
1st Gudgin’s Nouvelle Nariska at Jassendue.  Up to size but within the standard and well balanced.  Pleasing head and expression. Well-muscled shoulder with excellent depth of chest and elbows close to the brisket.  Well rounded ribcage with short loin.  Correct hindquarters, well off for bone and good feet.  Moved briskly and soundly.
2nd Skeet’s Sambosier Naia.lthough very immature she has a square outline.  Pleasing head  and expression.  I would like to see her more cobby in her body.  Well-made hindquarters. Moved steadily.
NB – no entries.
PGB (4)
1st Coveney’s Tillybirloch  Mistique.  I liked this bitch a great deal.  She has a super, square and cobby outline.  Typical head shape of correct proportions with strong muzzle and high set ears.  Correctly placed shoulders with deep chest and elbows close to brisket.  Her ribcage is well rounded and loin is short.  Well-made hindquarters with no exaggeration. Moved well on a brisk stride.  Just lost out on maturity in the challenge but she has it all there for the future.
2nd Boaz’ Jassendue Liana.  Well balanced with correct square outline.  Correctly proportioned head with strong jaw. Deep chest with good elbow placement.  Well rounded ribcage and short
loin.  Just tended to carry her tail a little high on the move.
3rd Barlow-Evans’ Rochus Luna
LB (4)
1st Yarrow’s Bonapartist Linnet. Although slightly longer cast than my second placed bitch, she had other qualities that won her the class.  Superb head shape of the correct proportions with a melting expression, strong jaw, correct width of skull and high ear set. Clean neck and well-muscled shoulder.  Deep chest with elbows tight to the brisket.  Well rounded ribcage.  Correct sloped of croup leading to unexaggerated hindquarters.  Excellent bone and feet.  Moved on a brisk stride.  RBB
2nd Stevens’ Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier. Another quality bitch who presented the correct square outline when viewed in profile.  Head of the correct proportions. Clean neck leading to correctly placed shoulder.  Not quite the depth of chest and tightness of elbow as the winner, however she has a well-rounded ribcage and short loin.  Well-muscled hindquarters with correct bone and feet.  Moved with a brisk stride.  Close decision between the two.
3rd Davies’ Rochus Lottie
OB (3)
1st Anderson’s Sh Ch Rochus Jayricnbrits Hattie.  Well balanced with excellent outline that is both square and cobby.  Her head is of the correct proportions with good width of skull, medium
stop and strong muzzle.  High set ears.  Clean neck leading through to the desired layback of shoulder.  Her chest is deep and her elbows are close to the brisket.  Good length of foreleg.  Well rounded ribcage leading to short loin and strong, unexaggerated hindquarters.  Excellent bone and feet.  Moved briskly with the desired hind action.  BB and RBIS
2nd    Wilson’s Sh Ch Highclare Hellraiser   At Denandmeg.     size larger than my winner but till square, cobby and within the standard.  Well shaped head with strong muzzle and high earset.  Deep chest and well-rounded ribcage.  Strong in hindquarters with no exaggeration. Excellent bone and feet.  Moved briskly – not quite holding her topline as well as the winner today.
3rd Southorn’s Rochus Juliet
VB (1)
1st Southorn’s Rochus Vefa. At nearly 13 years old this bitch is still so sound.  Square and cobby in outline she excels in head and has a melting expression.  Deep chest with well- rounded
ribcage.  Well-made hindquarters with no exaggeration.  Correct amount of bone. Moved briskly and soundly.
WB (3)
1st Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier (2nd in Limit)
2nd Anderson’s Rochus Lucie.  Square outline little finer all through than my winner. Correct head shape with good eye colour and high set ears.  Well placed shoulders and rounded ribcage with
short loin, correct slope of croup and well-muscled hindquarters. Positive brisk movement.
3rd Jassendue Liana
Becky Johnson