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Brittany Club of Great Britain Open Show Results (special Classes) – 24th September 2017



24th September 2017

JUDGE: Mrs G Horrocks (Itchenwych)

Class SY : CH Brittyhill Sorrell Memorial: Special Yearling Dog or Bitch Entries: 5 Abs: 0
1st Tillybirloch Mistique Mr A & Mrs S Coveney
2nd Jassendue Manet’s Medley Ms S Finch
3rd Rochus Moet Mr J & Mrs B Anderson
RES Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue Ms S Gudgin
VHC Denandmeg Mill Reef Mr M E & Mrs A Wilson
Class ST: Sandy Massie Memorial: Special Open BCGB TAN Dog or Bitch Entries.7 Abs: 1
1st Hawkwise Land Agent Mr S Wright
2nd Rochus Huxley Mr Barlow-Evans
3rd Rochus Lottie Mr B C & Mrs D G Davies
RES SH CH Tailliside Winter Berry Mr S W Potter & Miss F Cook
VHC Jassendue Liana Mrs M Boaz
Class SO: Peter Green Memorial: Special Open Dog or Bitch Entries: 8 Abs:3
1st SH CH Highclare Flaming Nora Miss G Tully
2nd Tillybirloch Jem Mr A & Mrs S Coveney
3rd Rochus Luna Mr Barlow-Evans
RES Rochus Juliet Mrs K Southern
VHC SH CH Bonapartist Grande Duchess Mr P A and Mrs J A Yarrow

Critique by Judge Gloria Horrocks

I was delighted to be asked to judge three special classes at the Brittany Club’s Open Show and would like to thank the Committee and Exhibitors for their warm welcome and for entrusting me with their lovely, lively breed. I have long admired these charming small gundogs and was not disappointed on close acquaintance.

Ch. Brittyhill Sorrel Memorial Special: Special Yearling dog or bitch. (5)
1. Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique: Typy youngster. Lovely head with moderate stop and good eye shape, eye colour in accordance with coat colour. Well-muscled with good bone whilst retaining feminity. Frisky when moving but I saw enough to give her the class.. 2. Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley. Orange roan dog. Kind, enquiring expression, nice head with well-placed ears. Good depth to brisket. Well boned legs and very good feet. 3. Anderson’s Rochus Moet.

Sandy Massie Memorial Special Open BCGB Tan dog or Bitch (7:1 abs)
Very difficult decision in separating these two lovely boys.
1. Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent, eventually had the edge, smaller than 2 but still masculine. Nicely balanced cobby body with strong topline kept on the move. In good coat and condition with some light feathering and the best of feet. Movement on both these boys was a pleasure to watch both moving briskly and carrying their heads proudly 2. Anderson’s Rochus Huxley, substantial dog, a little taller than 1 but in proportion. Nice head properties; well sprung ribcage and good depth of brisket. 3. Davies’ Rochus Lottie

Peter Green Memorial: Special Open dog or bitch (8:3 abs)
1. Tully’s Sh.Ch Highclare Flaming Nora. Classy b. Best of heads with sweet, intelligent expression. Lovely, well balanced cobby body, good topline and depth to well-rounded rib cage. In good, nicely marked coat, moved well. Altogether a very worthy winner. 2. Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jem. Lovely dog and I see from the catalogue that he has the same father as my yearling winner, dad obviously passing on type. Good forehand, nice shoulder placement, good bone and conformation. 3.Barlow-Evans’ Rochus Luna.

Gloria Horrocks