Brittany Club of Great Britain Special Classes Results – 25th February 2018

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25TH February 2018
JUDGE: Mrs F Mitchell (Sunsprake)

Class SY : Ad Astra Special Memorial: Special Yearling Dog or Bitch Entries: 9 Abs: 1
1st Hawkwise Nolan Brook Mrs J Walby
2nd Hawkwise Nugget Mr S Wright
3rd Challowmoon Noah Mrs D Mooney
RES Jassendue Manet’s Medley Ms S Finch
VHC Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue Ms S Gudgin
Class ST: Sandy Massie Memorial: Special Open BCGB TAN Dog or Bitch Entries.8 Abs: 0
1st Rochus Lucie Mr J & Mrs B Anderson
2nd Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier Mr M & Mrs L Stevens
3rd Hawkwise Land Agent Mr S Wright
Res Rochus Lottie Mr B C & Mrs D G Davies
VHC Jassendue Liana Mrs M Boaz
Class SO: Peter Green Memorial: Special Open Dog or Bitch Entries: 8 Abs: 1
1st Rochus Juliet Mrs K Southorn
2nd Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier Mr M & Mrs L Stevens
3rd Patouche Acropole Mr W & Mrs E Molton
Res Tillybirloch Jem Mr A & Mrs S Coveney
VHC Patouche Lambert Mr & Mrs M Samardzija


Critique by Judge Fiona Mitchell

The Brittany Club of Great

25th February 2018
Memorial classes

Ad Astra SY

1. Walby`s Hawkwise Nolan Brook – 8 month orange/white dog. Very good bone and substance for age with well -developed body. Alert expression, good head type with well-shaped dark eyes. 2. Wright`s Hawkwise Nugget – similar remarks as to 1 who is litter brother. Preferred head of 1 but both moved well for youngsters. 3. Mooney`s Challowmoon Noah – 9 month orange/white dog with good body, tight feet, stood full square but not so positive on the move.

Sandy Massie SO

1. Anderson` Rochus Lucie – 2yr old black/tan in excellent condition. Loved her overall balance, correct head proportions, ears of good length and shape. Strong neck with good shoulder placement and one of the best movers. 2. Stevens Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier – Lots to like about this 2 year old orange/white bitch. Longer cast but well made with good body, lots of heart room, lovely head with appealing Brittany expression. Happy on the move. 3. Wright`s Hawkwise Land Agent – it was a case of splitting hairs between these first 3. Good overall balance, lovely head of correct proportions. Strong in body with well-muscled hind quarters.

Peter Green O

Movement overall in this class was not brilliant. 1. Southorn Rochus Juliet – orange/white 3 yr old bitch who stood full square matching the standard. Very attractive head with dark eye and high set ears. Good bone and substance, required length of neck with correct shoulders. Held a good topline on the move. 2. Steven`s Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier.

3.Molton`s Patouche Acropole – this 13 year old dog is a credit to his owner. Shown in excellent condition with the sweetest of expressions and moved as one with handler.

Fee Mitchell