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Brittany club of GB Champ show 8th July 2017 – Critiques 2017

The Brittany Club of Great Britain

Championship Show

Saturday 8th July 2017

I feel very honoured to have been invited to judge this weekend. In my opinion, the pinnacle of any judge’s career is to judge their own breed’s Championship Show. My thanks to our hard working committee, and also to my very efficient and well organised stewards, Kathy Gorman and Jenna Cocking.

I found a few light eyes, and some heavier heads than I’d like, which took away the elegance of the breed. They should be workmanlike but not heavy. All dentition was correct bar one level bite, and we must keep an eye on leg length, a few were rather short legged despite being very well proportioned otherwise. It was lovely to see a variety of colours as well as the usual orange and white. A few dogs flagged a little due to the very warm weather.

Most dogs had been well schooled, with only one or two exuberant youngsters having to be managed. I didn’t mind, it shows the character of the breed. It was very hot so I tried not to run the dogs too much, trying to time it with clouds and an occasional light breeze.

I was disappointed there were no puppies, especially since Bill Muir had offered prize money for the top awards in memory of my good friend, Liz – his dear, late wife.

My top winners are excellent examples of our great breed, with most of the correct attributes. I was very pleased with my final line up. I was also delighted to see that the judge for our three memorial classes, Ray McDonald, agreed with many of my placings

All four veteran bitches and the two veteran dogs were excellent for their ages. Each one different in their own way. And it was obvious each one is loved as much by their respective owners. All of them have lovely temperaments, neither was there a cross word elsewhere all day. Between them our veterans totalled a staggering 65 years!!!

I only had one absentee, a bitch on maternal duties I was told, and I was delighted with an excellent entry compared to those of other championship shows this year.

My placings and comments are as follows:


Junior Dog (5,0)

1st Rush’s Patouche Milord Nicely proportioned black tri, correctly marked with a very dark head; his eyes were a little light for a predominantly black dog; short coupled, with well-placed shoulders and correct angulation front and rear. Legs long enough, with a straight front. Good depth of chest and ribcage well rounded, just needs to body up, and although his coat was very clean and shiny, his feathering was sparse – but plenty time to mature. Stood on neat correctly shaped feet, and moved with style. Should have a bright future

2nd Wilson’s Denandmeg Mill Reef. He has the correct rounded skull, with medium stop and tight lips, and a kind, dark eye. He is short in ribcage as well as short coupled, giving him an overall short cobby look. He will hopefully drop in chest, looking a little long in the leg at the moment, but his ribcage is nicely rounded, and a little more spring of rib will finish the

picture. Coat in good condition and very well-muscled. Moved with the correct gait but crabbed a little. Another bright prospect

3rd Anderson’s Rochus Moet, Slightly longer coupled than the first two in the class, but well-presented and schooled. His head is correctly proportioned, and well-shaped, with lovely expressive eyes of a good oval shape and correctly angled. Good deep chest, rounded ribcage, and correct length of leg. A little loose in rear movement at times, but front movement was excellent, and he kept his topline on the move. A lot to like about this boy too.

Novice Dog (1, 0)

1st Radcliffe’s Leader de Tremouard. Standing alone, an unusually marked dog, black and white, with a tan mask. Not correctly marked for a tricolour, according to our standard, but not an obvious sable. I’ve seen markings like this on dogs shown in France and wonder what their opinion is. Our own standard is precise on tricolour markings, and where the tan points are. With the recent KC initiative on colours perhaps we need to re-evaluate what we are comfortable with in the show ring. Obviously from a working or health point of view colour is immaterial unless the gene is allied to another. His movement was difficult to assess as he had little ring training, but on the occasions he settled he moved quite well, with a short gait, although occasionally over reached. He was short coupled and well enough ribbed, with correct shoulder layback and angulation. His interest was not always on his handler, but he’s an alert, happy little dog. Typical nosey Brittany!

Post graduate dog (3,0)

1st Hargreaves’ Bonapartist Lancelot. Well-schooled, square cobby youngster, head a little stronger than I like, but correct eye shape, medium stop, tight enough lips, and correct dentition. Moved well and in tune with his handler’s other half, keeping his correct topline, with the slight slope from withers to croup. Chest not quite down to the elbow, hidden by plenty feathering, but that can still come. Smaller than I’d like but in the size range, and at 18 months unlikely to grow taller.

2nd Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent. 20 month old youngster, looked well in outline, but on examination needs a deeper chest, and stifle not quite bent enough. Muzzle to skull ratio not quite correct, muzzle slightly too long. Ribcage well sprung and an excellent coat. Very well-muscled. Moved out well, but twisting his hocks a little.

3rd Leader du Tremouard as Novice

Limit Dog (2.0)

1st Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jem. What a stunner! Took my eye as he strode into the ring. Correct in almost every department, and so in tune with his handler. This lad had the ‘look at me’ attitude. Powered round with the correct Brittany short brisk stride, keeping his beautiful topline, and every step landing where it should. Watched his owner at every opportunity. Well-kept coat and furnishings. Correct length of leg, very slightly more than his chest depth, which was nice and deep, enough forechest, ribcage rounded, first and last ribs almost the same length, and short coupled, creating the typical underline required. Angulation correct at the rear, with a nicely rounded ‘bum’. Correct small tight feet at front, slightly longer ‘hare like’ rear feet, correct set on of tail, which I would guess is a natural bob. Dog CC and BIS

2nd Williams’ Bonapartist Lieutenant. A medium sized cobby dog, with forechest and plenty heart and lung room, in width but a little lacking in depth of chest. Excellent rounded rib cage, short in loin, and a slight slope to his topline as required. Correct head proportions but a little overdone in stop.

Open Dog (3,0)

1st Poole’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Gourrege. A nice square, cobby dog of medium size, with short loin and adequate bone leading to tidy feet, correctly shaped front and back. Shoulders wide enough apart at withers, and good layback, giving the correct front angles, with more moderation in the rear. He thus moved correctly and with the Brittany elegance, although he over reached a little in the challenge. Deep, well ribbed chest, and rounded quarters. Quite a strong masculine head, correctly proportioned. Excellent topline, well muscled and certainly well schooled. Thick coat. Dog RCC

2nd Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Grenadier. Litter brother to 1, slightly longer in loin, and broader head than I would want, but of similar quality in body, with layback, angulations and bone all in order. Nice straight front with forechest like his brother. I note both are show champions. Also well muscled and well schooled.

3rd Rochus Huxley Upstanding dog, taller and rangier than the other two, rather upright in shoulder but with enough stifle and really firm musculature. Lacking in spring of rib, but deep chested. His movement was rather erratic, but he had a beautiful glossy coat.

Special open AOC Dog (1,0)

1st Leader de Tremouard as Novice

Veteran Dog (2.0)

1st Potter & Cook’s Sh Ch Tailliside Winter Berry What a super, typy, cobby 12 and a half year old boy. Very attentive to his handler, with bright, intelligent, and gentle eyes, and an excellent mover. I found his muzzle a little on the long side, but his head and muzzle lines are parallel, and his teeth are in great condition. His angulation front and rear were correct giving him the typical Brittany gait, with a deep chest and rounded rib cage, A topline held on the move, as he powered round the ring

2nd Molton’s Patouche Acropole. Obviously adores his owner from the way his dark expressive and attentive eyes never left him. Short ears, high set, and correct parallel planes. Strong muscled neck, round ribs, and deep brisket, making him look quite chunky, but with a little dip over the loin. Well off for bone too. A dark dog and with age his coat has gone soft. Nice short ears, prized in France

No working or Field Trial entries was disappointing


Junior Bitch (1,0)

1st Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique Very pretty lass, sweet head, just out of puppy, excellent rib cage, and a deep chest for her age. Correct shoulder placement. Just enough bone, which may improve, and nice neat feet. Ratio of lower leg to chest depth correct. A little high on the back end but hopefully with maturity she will drop into her stifle. Slightly long in loin, but may look better when she fills out; well-muscled throughout. Lacking in furnishings, but that will come. Overall in nice condition.

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1st Davies’ Tarward Lana pretty young bitch, very well handled by her young handler who I was delighted to see won the Junior Handler trophy. She is lighter built and a little long in loin. Chest just deep enough, and could do with a little more spring of rib. Very high set ears. Head proportions not exact, muzzle being slightly too long. But very expressive and attentive eyes. In good condition, well-kept coat. She is obviously very fond of her handler.

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 0)

1st Ryan’s Patouche Jaimee. Quite long legs, but with correct shaped feet, neat and tidy. High set mobile ears, showing her keenness. A little high at the back end, could do with a little more bend in stifle, which would lower her rear end. Correct head proportions, and chest down to elbow, a little more spring of rib would improve the look. Moved well enough but lost strength in her topline as she moved..

2nd Boaz’ Jassendue Liana One of the few long tails, a pretty bitch in lighter toned orange and white. Consequently her eyes and pigmentation were lighter to harmonise. Deep chested and enough ribcage, but with a slight rise over the loin. Over reaching on the move and topline loose.

3rd Yarrow’s Bonapartist Linnet. A very sweet bitch, viewed correct in many respects – muzzle and skull in proportion, tight flews, nicely shaped oval eyes, dark enough for her colour. Correct underline and topline, chest deep, ribcage rounded, a tad long in coupling, but overall really nice – such a pity she was nervous and made it difficult to assess her properly, so I couldn’t place her higher. A little more confidence and she will do well.

Limit Bitch (3,0)

1st Southorn’s Rochus Juliet Nice square bitch with round ribs, well set shoulders, deep enough chest. Long enough legs, and just enough bone. Moved well apart from over reaching on the way out. Correct oval eye with good colour, high set short ears and head in proportion

2nd Williams’ Tournesol Impossible Dream, a very deep chested typical o/w bitch from this kennel. Hard to beat her conformation, with a good cobby shape, but she was a little bum high, and a little chunky looking. Short on furnishings today. She moved typically, and is very well boned with tight feet,

3rd Tarward Lana as Novice

Open Bitch(6,1)

An excellent class, both 2 and 3 unlucky to meet my first place winner today. Places could change another time.

1st Tully’s Sh Ch Highclare Flaming Nora. One of our top winning bitches in the breed, I have always liked her and have given her a Reserve CC previously. I have watched her career after starting her dam off with Best puppy at Crufts in 2007, and a subsequent CC in 2013 at SKC. She didn’t disappoint until the challenge for Best in Show when she just flagged a little, probably the heat. She is lively and energetic, very attentive to her handler, square cobby girl, short coupled, with correct leg length, depth of chest, correct ratio and shape of head She trotted briskly round in a ‘rounded triangle’ on neat feet with plenty

spring in the pasterns, keeping her lovely, slightly sloping topline. Beautifully handled and presented in good coat and excellent muscular condition. Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show

2nd Anderson’s Rochus Jayricbrits Hattie This bitch is very typical. Workmanlike but feminine, and correct in size and overall proportion, both in head and body. Very well balanced, with a twinkle in her lovely shaped oval eyes. In good muscular condition, with nice rounded haunches. She moved typically, with a strong topline, on correctly made and tidy legs and feet.

3rd Yarrow & Nunn’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Iryssa. I have given this bitch a CC in the past, but I was disappointed today. She seemed a little lack lustre, and moving wide in front. She seemed to sag in the middle when she wasn’t watching her handler. Despite that, she is well made, with a good round ribcage, and deep down to the brisket. She has good bone, with neat feet, and ears the correct length. Her bone is good, and she has darker pigmentation to match her dark orange coat. Perhaps the heat affected her.

Special Orange and White Open bitch (4,0)

1st Yarrow’s Loubie Rose of Bonapartist. Very square little bitch, with neat ears, and a correctly proportioned head. Very expressive eyes, attentive to her handler. She was in excellent coat, with firm muscles. Nice length of leg, and deep enough in the brisket. Short loined, and kept her topline on the move. Good bone leading to neat well trimmed feet. A nice straight front with a little forechest. Stifle not quite enough bend but she moved correctly if overreaching very slightly. Might have been the pace.

2nd Davies’ Rochus Lottie Slightly taller bitch. Again neat ears and feet. Very expressive eyes, with the typical Brittany intelligent look about her – my notes say ‘nosey’. Short coupled and angulation correct, with enough spring of rib. Depth of chest is good but she is still a little narrow in front. As she matures this should improve. Moved typically with that special gait we love.

3rd Cutler’s Tarward Laura of Jayricnbrits. Smaller bitch than the other two, but lots to like. Tried hard to please her young handler, who handled her very well. She has high ear set, giving her a very inquisitive, intelligent look, watching her handler so much that she almost tripped her up. Cobby bitch with correct angles all round, just out of coat today, although what there was had a good shine.

Special Open AOC Bitch (1,0)

1st Patouche Lyra for Callmillard well muscled liver tri, a rare colour until recently. Well shaped ears, although a tad longish. Short of coat today. Her eyes are lighter due to her colour. She has a good ribcage, and chest just deep enough. I’d have liked a little more bone on her. She looked correct when standing but was a little wide in front on the move, and she could stand little more bend of stifle.

Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1st Axtell’s Patouche Evonny With Callmillard Judged this girl at SKC a few years ago and awarded her the Reserve CC She has a good straight front, good length of neck set in well to her shoulders. Well sprung ribs and nicely covered. Her chest has dropped somewhat since I last judged her as a 3 year old and she has retained her cheeky and alert expression Best Veteran in Show

2nd Ir Sh Ch Fosscott Ailette Litter sister to my own male Show Champion, she is a lighter shade of orange and white with pigmentation in harmony. She is well boned, cobby, deep chested, short loined, well-muscled – but still feminine and elegant. She showed very well, and moved well for her owner. Definitely in tune with each other.

3rd Rochus Vefa Thirteen year old lady, showing her age a little in the heat of the day, but she put a lot of effort into moving correctly round the ring, full of attention for her handlers.

She has a very thick heavy dark orange coat, which belied her correct body shape underneath; and is greying on her correctly shaped muzzle.

Special Working Bitch (2.0)

1st Jassendue Liana as PG

2nd Tarward Lana as Novice

No Field Trial bitches

Anne Massie, Judge

Brittany Club of GB.– 08/07/2017

What an honour to be asked to judge the memorial classes at the BCGB Championship Show. I was thrilled with my entry of 20 dogs making 21 entries.

A lovely day and a really enjoyable weekend due to the welcome from the committee, members and exhibitors alike. It was lovely to see so many people stay for the dinner on the Saturday evening and supporting the club at the events on the Sunday.

Wright Special Yearling (5,0)

1st Hargreaves’ Bonapartist Lancelot. Super boy of lovely shape and size. Cobby in body with a masculine head of correct proportions with correct eyes and ears. Well placed shoulders over deep well sprung ribs, good forechest. Level topline, short loin and correct moderate rear angles. Nice mover, true with correct reach and drive.

2nd Yarrow’s Bonapartist Linnet Super B just pipped by her brother. A feminine version of my winner she contrived to throw it away but redeemed herself in the line and could not be denied. Correct all through for shape and size. Head feminine of good shape, correct eyes and ears. Lovely ribbing of correct depth and spring. Short coupled to correct rear angles. Another correct mover.

3rd Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique 13mth feminine young lady that still has some maturing to do as one would expect. Liked her head shape, prefer a little more width across muzzle. Good body shape with correct spring and depth of rib for age. Good rear angles, level topline and moves well.

Res Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley VHC Radcliffe’s Leader De Tremouard Hawk wise Barn Special Beginners Open (7,0)

1st Southorn’s Rochus Juliet. Liked this B for her head and body shape and size. Perhaps a touch long in leg but with a well made front assembly, short loin and level topline. Not the spring of rib of some but good depth. Nice rear and moved well.

2nd Cutler’s Tarward Laura at Jayricnbrits. A small B with a lovely feminine head. A little longer in body than my winner with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well made fore and aft. Moved well with moderate reach and drive.

3rd Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent A nice boy, quite strong in head but a good shape with good eyes and ears. Well made with good Spring of rib, level topline and short coupling. Not as clean behind as 1 & 2.

Res Boaz’s Jassendue Liana VHC Davies’ Rochus Lottie

Talliside Britt Open

1st Poole’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Gourrege . Wow, what a super boy this is. 5yrs, mature and excels in type, just what I was looking for. Super head with correct shape, nice eyes and well set ears. Lovely front with well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of correct depth. Nice forechest that is lacking in many. Short deep loin, correctly angled read and level topline complete the picture. On the move he is true with correct reach and drive. If there had been a ‘Best Special’ then he was it.

2nd Molton’s Sh Ch Jayricnbrits Eternal at Braebrits. This 8yr veteran B can still move it with the youngsters. Super head, feminine with the correct attributes. Well laid shoulders with correct spring and depth of rib. Level topline and correct rear. Still a lovely mover.

3rd Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jem2yr D. A typey boy with a masculine head with correct eyes and ears. Well made front assembly with good spring and depth of rib. Short coupled and level topline to give him is correct shape. Correct rear angles. Today he was not as clean in his rear movement which moved him down the line.

Res Potter & Cook’s Sh Ch Tailliside Winter Berry VHC Mouton’s Patouche Acropole

Ray Mcdonald