Canicross News


Dear valued members of the BCGB

The club are pleased to announce, it has been approved by the BCGB Committee, there will be a new award for the most successful Canicross team (Brittany and person).  The award will be presented each year at the Annual General Meeting which is held in February.  The trophy will be held for one year until the next AGM.

The Canicross award will begin in January 2020.  The scores/points are only awarded to those who are fully paid up members at the time of the event.  There will be no back dating of scores/points to those who become members during the course of the year.

The first award will be presented in February 2021 (date of the BCGB Annual General Meeting to be confirmed).

BCGB are looking for sponsorship to help provide a trophy for this new addition to the recognised activities supported by the club.

The BCGB Committee are also looking for a volunteer (who does not need to be a committee member but must be a fully paid up member of the club), who is prepared to take on the role of keeping count of the scores/points for each year January to December.

Update Judi Watson has kindly agreed to keep the ‘scores on the doors’.

As there are numerous different organisations who run Canicross races around the UK, there is a need to establish a workable points structure and system.

Update that some of the members of BCGB Brittany Canicross community have also agreed to assist in developing the score/point system.

Please contact Mandy Boaz, committee member email: if you are interested and wish to contribute in any way.

Photo Credit: Canicross Brittanys, photo by Katie Hayward