Brittany Health

Our breed in the UK continues to be extremely healthy and in fact I have had no new health issues reported to me since the last AGM. The only health screening scheme which is mandatory for Kennel Club Assured Breeders and which all breeders are strongly advised to use, is the BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme. Apart from hip dysplasia, which isn’t very common in our breed, the other main health issues which have been reported to me over the years have been megaoesophagus and epilepsy but in such small numbers that research as to possible inherited factors cannot yet be undertaken. If anyone has experienced any of these or other health issues I would appreciate it if you would inform me.

The annual breed average inbreeding co-efficient is currently 3.9% which is very low. The inbreeding co-efficient is the probability that two copies of the same gene have been inherited by an individual from a common founder – an ancestor shared by both parents. For example a 0% average inbreeding co-efficient indicates a dog that comes from two unrelated parents, based on all available pedigree information; 12.5% would equate to the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a grandfather to granddaughter mating.

The Kennel Club Breed Watch scheme for the Brittany states; “Currently no points of concern specific to this breed have been identified for special attention by judges”.

Kathy Gorman

Breed Health Coordinator

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