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HPR Team Challenge 2020

Field Trial Secretary Events, Field Events, News and Events 12th February 2020


If anyone is interested in being selected please e-mail Loren at  as soon as possible.


HPR Team Challenge 2020

18th April 2020

Location: Tythe Barn, Harvington, Evesham, WR11 8NT

Chief Steward Lloyd Birch

Hosted by the Worcestershire Gundog Society

The HPR Team Challenge is a working test where a team of four dogs from each of the HPR breeds will compete against all the other HPR breed teams.

The representatives for each breed will be selected by their breed clubs. Four dogs and a reserve will be chosen and one of the runners nominated as team captain.

Hopefully there will be a team from every KC HPR breed (GWP, GSP, GLP, LM, HV, HWV, KG, BI, IS, B, SRHP, WEI and an FCI mixed team, 13 in total.

On arrival at the event the dogs will be sorted into groups (1,2,3 &4).

The breed teams will be split up so one of each breed will be in each of the four groups.

Each group will have 2 judges. At least 1 will be a panel judge and they will be from different breed backgrounds.

The tests will be of open standard and will consist of hunting, 2 retrieves from land and 1 from water and will be scored 40/20/20/20.

The judges will judge all 13 dogs in their group for all 4 tests.

When all tests are completed the scores for each breed will be added up and the team with the highest score will win. In the event of a draw the teams’ total hunting scores will be calculated and the highest will win. If it is still level, the team Captains will compete in a run off (details on the day).

The prize will be bragging rights over all of the other breeds for 12 whole months (and some other bits, depends on the sponsors). The losers will get the wooden spoon and will have to train harder for next year as they really don’t want to get it twice.

The tests will be run mostly in accordance with the J regs although it’s not a KC recognised event.

This event is intended to be FUN, but serious. After all, who wants to lose to a team of Weimaraners!!! You will need to bring a sense of humour, plenty of banter, whilst still respecting the judges decisions and playing nice with your fellow competitors.

WGDS will host this event and if it’s successful I’d like to think another club, hopefully a regional club, would take it on for next year.

There will be a charge of £60 per team. Personally, I think this should be paid by the breed clubs as the dogs will be chosen by them and representing their breed.

Once the costs of the day have been covered all profits, including the raffle and so on will go to a charity yet to be chosen (feel free to suggest one). This is not a money-making exercise for WGDS.

I appreciate for some breeds there are multiple breed clubs. I am not interested in the politics so I will contact them all and they will have to work together to choose a team. If they can’t get along maybe they can nominate 2 each.

I will need to know ASAP that the clubs will support this event and submit a team.

I would like to know by 31st March who will be in the teams, team captains and contact details.

Lloyd Birch

FT Sec


07545 573898

Passing of Mrs Dolly Leach

Field Trial Secretary News and Events, Recent News 10th February 2020

The BCGB are saddened to share the news that Mrs Dolly Leach (prefix “Presthill“) passed away on the 1st February 2020.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 25th February 2020, at 2.30pm, Aylesbury Vale Crematorium, Watermead, HP19 0FY.  There will be a wake after the service to be held at the Horse & Jockey in Aylesbury.

The family have said that all are welcome to attend the service, and the wake afterwards.


Kind regards,

Jenna Cocking

Club Secretary

Brittany Club of Great Britain

Notice of Annual General Meeting, Sunday 23rd February 2020

Webmaster News and Events, Notice of AGM 2nd January 2020

to be held on SUNDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 2020

The meeting will start shortly after the completion of the Show, but not before 1.00pm.

Items for inclusion in the Agenda and new nominations for Committee positions, and these should be sent and received by the Hon. Secretary no later than 9th February 2020. Please ensure that those who are proposing or seconding a person’s application to join the Committee, and those that wish to propose or second amendments to the Club’s Rules must be fully paid up members of the Club.

Committee & Officer Vacancies: –
Treasurer – position is vacant following the end of the 3-year term of office.
Mrs Annie Massie is not seeking re-election.

Field Trial Secretary – position is vacant following Loren Cottrell completing the reminder of the previous FT Secretary’s term.
Mrs Loren Cottrell seeks re-election for a further 3-year term.

Committee Vacancies x 6
Ms Ruth Holt is seeking re-election having completed a 3-year term.
Ms Sarah Finch is seeking re-election having completed a 1-year term.
Mrs Jan Taylor is eligible for re-election.
Mrs Maureen Withey is eligible for re-election.
Mr John Anderson is eligible for re-election.
– Nomination forms are available from the Club Secretary (contact details below).

All posts below are for a 3-year term with the expectation of the Patron & President: –

Officers of the Committee: – Year next due for Election Committee: – Year next due for Election
Patron: Pierre Williams N/A Ms Sue Gudgin 2021
President: Mrs Margaret Green N/A Ms Sian Ryan 2021
Chairman: Mr Paul Yarrow 2021 Mr Steve Wright 2021
Vice-Chairman: Mrs Kathy Gorman 2022 Mrs Lesley Poole 2021
Secretary: Ms Jenna Cocking 2022 Mr John Cottrell 2022
Treasurer: VACANT 2023 Mrs Mandy Boaz 2022
Field Trial Secretary: VACANT 2023 Mrs Ann Samardzija 2022
Mr Harry Nelson 2022
Mr Mike Porter 2022

The Agenda will be published on the Club Website, and a notice sent to members prior the AGM. The full Agenda and Accounts will be available at the meeting, but if you do wish to receive a copy in the post, a stamped addressed envelope should be sent to the Secretary (address below).

Unconfirmed minutes of the 2019 AGM are available in the Members Area of the Club Website. In accordance with the Club rules, this will be the only notice sent to members.


Hon. Secretary: Ms Jenna Cocking                                     Address: 61 Ruskin Avenue, Lincoln, LN2 4DE

Email:                      Telephone: 07793 037800


Canicross Brittanys, photo by Katie Hayward
Webmaster News and Events 28th November 2019

Dear valued members of the BCGB

The club are pleased to announce, it has been approved by the BCGB Committee, there will be a new award for the most successful Canicross team (Brittany and person).  The award will be presented each year at the Annual General Meeting which is held in February.  The trophy will be held for one year until the next AGM.

The Canicross award will begin in January 2020.  The scores/points are only awarded to those who are fully paid up members at the time of the event.  There will be no back dating of scores/points to those who become members during the course of the year.

The first award will be presented in February 2021 (date of the BCGB Annual General Meeting to be confirmed).

BCGB are looking for sponsorship to help provide a trophy for this new addition to the recognised activities supported by the club.

The BCGB Committee are also looking for a volunteer (who does not need to be a committee member but must be a fully paid up member of the club), who is prepared to take on the role of keeping count of the scores/points for each year January to December.

Update Judi Watson has kindly agreed to keep the ‘scores on the doors’.

As there are numerous different organisations who run Canicross races around the UK, there is a need to establish a workable points structure and system.

Update that some of the members of BCGB Brittany Canicross community have also agreed to assist in developing the score/point system.

Please contact Mandy Boaz, committee member email: if you are interested and wish to contribute in any way.


Photo Credit: Canicross Brittanys, photo by Katie Hayward

Annual Agility Award – Reminder

Field Trial Secretary Agility news, News and Events 26th November 2019

Do you and your dog take part in Agility?  Would you like the opportunity to be in with a chance of winning the annual Agility Award which is presented at the AGM in February?

Please send results to Norma Ansell, at

The award is only open to fully paid up Club Members, and the overall winner will be notified prior to the AGM.

Shot over day – 28 October 2019

Field Trial Secretary Club Events, Events, Field Events, News and Events 22nd September 2019

Shot over day for gundogs – 28 October 2019.

Note there will be no trainer for this day so handlers should have experience handling dogs.

Venue: near Corwen, North Wales.

Meeting time: 8:30am for 9.00am start (directions to attendees via email)

Cost: See Application Form (£70 member, £80 non-member)

See Application Form below for full details.

Download Application Form: Shoot Over Day Application Form (28 Oct 2019)

Shot over day with Huw Kirby – 15 November 2019

Field Trial Secretary Club Events, Events, Field Events, News and Events 22nd September 2019

Shot over day with Huw Kirby – 15 November 2019

Shot over day for novice dogs.

Venue: Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Meeting time: 8:45am for a 9:00am start

Cost: See Application Form

Please bring your own refreshments.

See Application Form for full details.

Download Application Form: Shot over day with Huw Kirby

Show Gundog Working Certificate Day 2019

Field Trial Secretary Club Events, Events, Field Events, Field Trials, News and Events 6th September 2019

Venue: Wispington, Lincolnshire, by kind permission of Mr. S.R.C. Major.
Date: Friday, 4th October 2019
Judges: Mr. P. Bakewell (2568), Mr. J. Holmes (2734)
Entries Close: Online – Wednesday, 18th September 2019 (see​). See Standing Instructions for details re paper entries.
ScheduleField Trial Schedule 2019/20 (opens pdf)

All entries processed via Fosse Data (see For more information please contact Field Trial Secretary on 07870655904 or

Standing InstructionsStanding Instructions (opens pdf)



Webmaster BCGB Training Days, Events, News and Events 28th July 2019



Map can be found here


The Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is open to all those who wish to gain a better understanding of the Brittany. The BAD is a mandatory requirement for all judges wishing to progress from Level 1 to Level 2 on the Judges Competency Framework (JCF). The Kennel Club has stated that “from 2020 all judges will need to be registered on at least JCF Level 1 in order to undertake any judging appointments”.


9.30am Registration with Tea/Coffee on arrival
10.00am Brief talk on the History of the Breed, followed by the Breed Standard
12.00am Lunch
1.00pm Opportunity for informal hands-on of dogs, and watching dogs move
1.45pm Comfort break
2pm Multiple Choice Exam (MCE)

Anyone is welcome to attend the BAD but only those that have undertaken the following Kennel Club Educational Seminars, and passed are eligible to take the MCE.
• Rules & Regulations of a Dog Show Judge
• Points of the Dog Assessment
• Confirmation & Movement Seminar
• Completed 6 days Stewarding


£15.00 Breed Appreciation Day, Lunch and opportunity for Hands-On.
£25.00 as above but also to include Multiple Choice Exam (MCE).


Name: Jenna Cocking (Breed Education Co-ordinator)