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Chairman – Job description

Job title: Chairman
1. To manage the day-to day activities of the Brittany Club of Great Britain.
2. To further the interests of the Brittany and their owners.
3. To develop & plan the growth of the BCGB to thrive in the future.
4. To conduct any disciplinary actions.

1. To chair all BCGB meetings, i.e. AGM, SGMs and Committee Meetings in a clear and democratic fashion.
2. To ensure that the business of these meetings is conducted according to the BCGB Constitution, Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct and Guide to Best Practice.
3. To ensure that all agenda items are correctly proposed and seconded, discussed thoroughly, voted on openly and fairly and the outcome documented.
4. To delegate responsibilities clearly for the performance of any business that is agreed by the Committee (or membership at AGM & SGMs).
5. To allocate appropriate authority for delegated responsibilities and to monitor their performance and outcome.
6. To ensure that the BCGB complies with all current KC requirements.
7. To represent the Club as required, including acting as a guarantor for shows, Trials, etc.
8. To support all officers, committee members, regional volunteers and members in furthering the aims of the BCGB.

1. To call Special General Meetings if required by a quorum of members.
2. To implement disciplinary action on any Officer, Committee Member or ordinary member of BCGB.
3. To agree expenditure for any activity of the BCGB with the responsible person.
4. To delegate authority for any specified tasks to any member of BCGB.

Answerable to:
1. The membership for the running of the club in accordance with the Constitution, etc. as stipulated in Duties: item 2.
2. The Kennel Club for the BCGB’s compliance with their requirements.

Answerable for:
1. The corporate and financial health of the BCGB.

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