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Contributor / Editor Guidelines

This is a work in progress

Please use the default WordPress Gutenberg blocks to add content to pages.

DO NOT use the WPBakery Page Builder Plugin as this is being removed from the site.

Guidelines for recommended blocks will be added here in due course.

The short version is:

Do not create ‘Pages’ only ‘posts’. The category structure causes ‘post’ to be displayed on the relevant page / pages automatically.

1. Titles – capitalized the first letter of main words – think looks better on things like Latest News.

2. Text and image alignment – use ‘center aligned’ as this looks better on small screens

3. Categories – adding ‘News’ as a category on a post makes the article appear automatically under ‘News’, ‘Latest News’ and allows it to be picked up by Mailchimp

4. Featured image. If this is added it will not display when the post is opened but it will shown on the News page and will be used by Mailchimp.

Please DO NOT add Categories or Tags without first discussing and getting the go-ahead from the Webmaster (John C)