Falconry and the Brittany

As a Falconer’s dog, a Brittany will hunt all game; hare, pheasant,
partridge, woodcock, grouse, or snipe, as well as rabbits. The
dog will then point staunchly until commanded to flush, then
drop or sit, awaiting its next command, which will depend on
the hawk killing or missing. If the hawk misses, the dog hunts
on to find more quarry.

A good dog will get a hawk’s undivided attention as the hawk
quickly realises that the dog is the source of its success.
Some falconers also shoot, which gives the Brittany the chance
to practise its other skill – retrieving. There is no problem
when the dog subsequently works with the hawk again.

The main advantage a Brittany has over the other HPR’s is its
ability and determination to work and flush in extreme cover,
such as thick gorse or bramble. Its smaller size enables it
to go where others fear to tread.

A good Brittany will easily work all day, covering vast amounts
of ground. Brittanys instinctively seem to recognise a hawk
as a hunting partner. A good falconer knows the worth of a good
dog, and together all three forge a formidable team.

Please contact Steve Wright
(Falconry Representative) for further information

Brittany Club Falconry Demonstration Day
Brittany Club Falconry Demonstration Day