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Field Trial Standing Instructions

Brittany Club of Great Britain (KC ID: 1356)


Updated (20 Aug 21): Added Novice FT (on grouse) entry fees

All Trials will be held under Kennel Club Field Trial Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct

and the Brittany Club of Great Britain (BCGB) Standing Instructions. Please read before entering.

These Standing instructions must be read in conjunction with the Covid-19 Risk Assessment. (Salient points below for ease)

  • If you are self-isolating or any member of your household has been infected or had symptoms within 14 days of the trial date or your area is in localised lockdown – please do not attend.
  • Contact the Club if you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 10 days of attending (FT secs will inform all attendees ‘track and trace’)
  • All attend at their own risk and agree to abide by the social distancing and club requirements as advised at the time
  • All attendees to bring personal hand sanitiser and appropriate PPE
  • Competitors may not hold another competitors dog / lead / bag / walking aid.
  • Should a competitor be running 2 dogs, they may bring with them a nominated person to hold their 2nd dog
  • Spectators are not encouraged
  • Competitors are to supply their own Armband(s)

Kennel Club Guidance on the resumption of licensed events can be found here:

RUNNERS: All stakes will be restricted to a maximum of 12 runners.

ENTRY FEES: Novice (not grouse) and All Aged stakes: Members £40.00 Non-Members £45.00

Novice (on grouse): Members £45.00 Non-Members £55.00

Open Stake: Members £50.00 Non-Members £60.00

ENTRIES: All entries will be via Fosse Data Alternatively download an entry form from the website (Brittany Club) and email to the FT Secretary with payment direct to the BCGB

By submitting an entry form owners and handlers accept that their personal data will be processed in accordance with the Club’s Data related policies.

(see Brittany Club)


The draw for each stake will take place by Fosse Data as indicated under each Stake details. Results will be sent out by e-mail.


OPEN – A Stake in which dogs have opportunity of gaining qualification towards for the title of Field Trial Champion (K regulations refer) or entry in the Championship Stake.

J7 i. Preference in the draw for open stake (Effective 2 February 2021)

(Subject to a three-year trial period and review in February 2024)

(4) Breeds which Hunt Point and Retrieve

A first second or third in an Open Stake

A first and second in All-Aged stakes

A first in an All-Aged stake and a first in a Novice Stake

Two firsts in Novice Stakes

NOVICE – Confined to dogs which have not gained a place, or places which would qualify them for first preference in the draw for Open stakes.

ALL-AGED – (J3.d(2)). A stake is open to dogs of a specific breed or breeds without restriction as to their age, but which may be restricted by any other condition which may be determined by the Society subject to the approval of the general Committee of the Kennel Club.

In all cases members’ dogs which meet the conditions of entry should take preference in the draw.


J7 j. (1) Open Stake:

  1. Members first preference dogs which have gained places shown above.
  2. Members second preference dogs which have gained places shown above.
  3. Non-Members first preference dogs which have gained places shown above.
  4. Non-Members second preference dogs which have gained places shown above.
  5. Members dogs which have gained other places.
  6. Non-Members dogs which have gained other places.
  7. Other dogs

The foregoing places must have been gained in a Stake qualifying for entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book.

J7 j. (2) Novice Stake:

  1. Members first preference dogs
  2. Members second preference dogs
  3. Non-Members first preference dogs.
  4. Non-Members second preference dogs.

J7 k. All Aged Stake:

  1. Members entering Brittany’s
  2. Members entering other breeds
  3. Non-members entering Brittany’s
  4. Non-members entering other breeds

If a member enters more than two eligible dogs for a stake, these subsequent eligible dogs will be placed in separate ballots and drawn before non-members eligible dogs.

Owners entering more than one dog – in the event of over subscription, you must state a preference in the draw. However, in cases of Joint-Ownership of more than one dog, each of the owners may handle one of the dogs which are jointly owned, and each dog must be entered as a separate entry and will be treated as a single entry in the event of a ballot. If a partnership enters a dog only one of the partners shall be permitted to make a separate entry for a dog registered in his/her sole ownership

Residing outside the UK – All dog must be registered with the Kennel Club Breed Register or have recorded authority to compete (ATC) number to be eligible to compete in a field trial. All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the competitor.

Reserves– must inform the FT Sec immediately if the run cannot be taken up or fees may not be refunded. See J.7.f for exceptions.

Substitution of dogs – is not permitted.

Changes to the Schedule – Should circumstances so dictate the BCGB, in consultation with the judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them will be reported to the Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity.

No modification may be made to the schedule after publication except by permission of the Kennel Club, followed by advertisement in appropriate journals if time permits before the closing of entries.

Judges are prohibited from entering a dog at a trial they are judging where it is recorded in their ownership or part ownership.

Refusal of Entry – The BCGB reserves the right to refuse an entry without stating the reason.

Cancelled Trials due to adverse weather – There will be a 50% refund

Return of Entry Fees J7 f – After an applicant has been successful in the draw for a place in a stake, or as a reserve has accepted an offer of a run, if the run is not taken up, the applicant may become liable for the full entry fee except:-

(1) Where the applicant has qualified out of Novice Stakes (where applicable) or

(2) Where the dog drawn to run has qualified for the championship after entries have closed or

(3) On production of a veterinary certificate confirming that the dog entered for the stake is unfit to compete or

(4) On production of a medical certificate that the applicant or the applicants nominated handler is unable to compete or

(5) Where the dog drawn to run is withdrawn more than 7 days prior to the stake.

Videography and photography will only be permitted with the express permission of the Chief Steward and the host and those to be photographed.

Welfare of Dogs – An exhibitor (or competitor) whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met and should not knowingly put their dogs’ health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise. A breach of this Regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. The use of pinch collars, electronic shock collars, or prong collars, is not permitted at any field trial licensed by The Kennel Club. This shall apply at the venue or within the precincts of the trial.

Dogs in cars on hot days – Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm. Please take care of your dog. If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

Spectators – Prior approval by the Field Trial Secretary is required for spectators to attend any of the society’s Field Trials. At present spectators are suspended.

Prizes – Prize cards are on offer in every stake. Any trophies on offer remain the property of BCGB and are held for one year only. In the event of a 1st prize not being awarded, the trophy awarded at a Field Trial may be presented to the highest placed dog (excluding COM). The trophy is NOT to be engraved with the name of the dog or handler UNLESS a first place is awarded.

Meeting and Starting Times: 8.45 for 9.00 Competitors must report to the Chief Steward not later than 15 minutes prior to the published starting time. RESERVES WILL BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ABSENTEES at the point when the Chief Steward calls competitors and Judges together and makes his/her introductions. This will be deemed to be the start of the trial.

No bitches in season will be allowed on the ground.

Exercise of Dogs: All dogs must be kept on a lead except when in the line. Under no circumstances are dogs to be run or exercised on the trial ground before the trial. Persons in breach of this rule will be liable to have any entry disqualified and their fees forfeited. Competitors may exercise their dogs prior to the trial by permission of the Chief Steward, but only when and where indicated.

Lunch – Competitors should make their own arrangements for lunch. There may be a chance of shooting through lunch, so it is advisable for competitors to take something with them.

Red Flag – Instructions from the dedicated red flag MUST be adhered to at all times.

Picking up dog – there will be a dog whose sole purpose is to retrieve any game not recovered by dogs running in the stake.

Guns/Quarry: Some types of quarry may not be killed with lead shot. It therefore depends on what type of ammunition the guns have loaded at the time an opportunity presents itself as to whether duck; geese, moorhen or coot are killed.

Liability: Neither the BCGB nor the hosts of any meeting will accept liability for any accident, damage, illness nor injury to dogs, owners, handlers, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever. The making of an entry constitutes acceptance of the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations for Field Trials and the forgoing BCGB Standing Instructions.

Discipline – All handlers must carry out the instructions of the Judges who are empowered to turn out of the Stake any dog whose handler does not obey them or whose handler wilfully interferes with another competitor or his dog. When in the gallery, everybody should remain close to the steward carrying the red flag to minimise the risk of accidents. Noise levels should be kept to a minimum. Nobody should bring a dog to a Trial unless it is competing. Anyone continually disobeying these instructions will be asked to vacate the ground. No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling at a Field Trial.

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