Stud Dogs

Hawkwise Land Agent (Toby)

Area: Warwickshire

Owner: Steve Wright

Phone Number/s: 01789 772413



Dog Name: Hawkwise Land Agent (Toby)


DOB: 14 Oct 15

HIP Scores: 6 / 8 = 14

Health Tests: Orange/white (both parents clear of sable gene but can throw tricolours to tri or black & white bitches). Docked for work.

Colour: Orange and White

Height: 50cm

Tail: Tailed (docked)

Proven: Yes

Comments: At 11 months old Toby won the prestigious TAN, and on the same day obtained his REEP (Deep water swimming) certificate and won the Novice Retrieve competition.
He has won 2 CCs at only 7 championship shows, plus Best of Breed at one where CCs were not available. Very correctly built, with the short loin & sturdiness that fits the description "cobby". Excellent movement in all paces, performing equally well on heavy plough or mountainous scree slopes. A superb temperament as a working dog and a pet. Has particularly strong feet and a dense coat, enabling him to cope with the toughest terrain and cover. A powerful swimmer he retrieves fur and feather tenderly to hand. Toby remains responsive at any distance, in the face of any temptation. He has a genuinely generous nature and is always aware of the handler.
As a stud he is very keen, but patient with his bitches. His litters are consistently level and of a short-backed "cobby" type. They have good heads, excellent movement and pleasant

Fee: £600

Litter Photo