Searchable Historic Field Results

Searchable BCGB Historic Field Results, including this for Brittanys in non BCGB Field Trial events (courtesy Mrs A. Lockie). Non BCGB field trial events such as the TAN are also included.

Links to Pedigrees and photos (if available) for Brittanys held in the BCGB Pedigree Database will be added in due course, as per searchable show results.

Information is updated as time permits.

Note some data cleansing is needed as both two formats; 1st, 2nd etc and First, Second etc are used.

The links to pedigrees and photos are generated automatically. Please notify if you find an issue. Instructions can be found below.

Dog NameStakeAwardEvent DateBreedSexOwnerHandlerHost SocietyVenue
Dog NameStakeAwardEvent DateBreedSexOwnerHandlerHost SocietyVenue


The requirements to view the table can be found here. On modern smartphones horizontal table scroll is enabled.

Search by entering text in the search box and clicking the enter key. Search examples ‘show 2022’ or ‘rochus no’ for “rochus noble”. All fields are searchable, for example to search for awards by judge enter the judges name into the search field. One a search is cleared refresh the page to show all results.

To view addition details click the green ‘+’ sign on the left of the relevant row (the number of columns displayed depends on the screen size of your device).

Information available includes ‘Show’, ‘Class’, ‘Dog Name’, ‘Award’, ‘Judge’, ‘Owner’, ‘Sex, ‘Show Date’ and if available a picture of the dog and a link to the dogs pedigree.

To change the number of records displayed click on the ‘Show’ dropdown.