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HPR Team Challenge 2020


If anyone is interested in being selected please e-mail Loren at  as soon as possible.

HPR Team Challenge 2020

18th April 2020

Location: Tythe Barn, Harvington, Evesham, WR11 8NT

Chief Steward Lloyd Birch

Hosted by the Worcestershire Gundog Society

The HPR Team Challenge is a working test where a team of four dogs from each of the HPR breeds will compete against all the other HPR breed teams.

The representatives for each breed will be selected by their breed clubs. Four dogs and a reserve will be chosen and one of the runners nominated as team captain.

Hopefully there will be a team from every KC HPR breed (GWP, GSP, GLP, LM, HV, HWV, KG, BI, IS, B, SRHP, WEI and an FCI mixed team, 13 in total.

On arrival at the event the dogs will be sorted into groups (1,2,3 &4).

The breed teams will be split up so one of each breed will be in each of the four groups.

Each group will have 2 judges. At least 1 will be a panel judge and they will be from different breed backgrounds.

The tests will be of open standard and will consist of hunting, 2 retrieves from land and 1 from water and will be scored 40/20/20/20.

The judges will judge all 13 dogs in their group for all 4 tests.

When all tests are completed the scores for each breed will be added up and the team with the highest score will win. In the event of a draw the teams’ total hunting scores will be calculated and the highest will win. If it is still level, the team Captains will compete in a run off (details on the day).

The prize will be bragging rights over all of the other breeds for 12 whole months (and some other bits, depends on the sponsors). The losers will get the wooden spoon and will have to train harder for next year as they really don’t want to get it twice.

The tests will be run mostly in accordance with the J regs although it’s not a KC recognised event.

This event is intended to be FUN, but serious. After all, who wants to lose to a team of Weimaraners!!! You will need to bring a sense of humour, plenty of banter, whilst still respecting the judges decisions and playing nice with your fellow competitors.

WGDS will host this event and if it’s successful I’d like to think another club, hopefully a regional club, would take it on for next year.

There will be a charge of £60 per team. Personally, I think this should be paid by the breed clubs as the dogs will be chosen by them and representing their breed.

Once the costs of the day have been covered all profits, including the raffle and so on will go to a charity yet to be chosen (feel free to suggest one). This is not a money-making exercise for WGDS.

I appreciate for some breeds there are multiple breed clubs. I am not interested in the politics so I will contact them all and they will have to work together to choose a team. If they can’t get along maybe they can nominate 2 each.

I will need to know ASAP that the clubs will support this event and submit a team.

I would like to know by 31st March who will be in the teams, team captains and contact details.

Lloyd Birch

FT Sec


07545 573898