e-Britts Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme

A number of Brittanys in the UK have attended classes over the years and been very successful. It is really enjoyable and sets up a rapport between dog and owner. I would encourage everyone to try to find local classes and to attend regularly. This is not regimented competition style obedience, more at the level of a ‘well behaved companion’. My old lady, Freckles, who I lost last year, and my present two ‘oldies’, Belle and Allez, all achieved Gold, and my ragamuffin, Missy, even managed to stay still long enough to achieve a silver award! Miracles still happen! We are not yet confident enough to ‘go for gold’, however, as there is quite a big step between Silver and Gold.

The Puppy Foundation, Bronze, and Silver tests are mostly carried out inside, other than the ‘road-walk’ in the Silver test; but the biggest test with a Brittany is to over-come the many temptations outside when attempting the Gold award. There are just so many scents and sounds, not to mention the compulsory bird, to be investigated in preference to walking to heel.

I have found the Silver ‘two minute stay’, challenging for my Brittanys, but the ten minute stay out in the open is the biggest challenge ever.

Full details of all the tests required under the different levels can be found on the Kennel Club website.

I do hope more of you will take this up, and remember, many shows have Good citizen classes – you can enter these as soon as your dog has the bronze certificate.

Good luck and have fun with your versatile gundog
Anne Massie