Stud Dogs

Kentwone Eastern Flame

Area: Wiltshire

Owner: MR I P Scott

Phone Number/s: 07728555600



Dog Name: Kentwone Eastern Flame


DOB: 31 Jul 21

HIP Scores: 5/6 = 11

Health Tests: N/A

Colour: Orange and White

Height: 51 cm

Tail: Tailed (docked)

Proven: Yes

Comments: Oatley, has all the great ingredients to make a great working dog. Displaying all the intelligence, responsiveness and obedience one would expect from a Brittany of such pedigree. He has a superb temperamant with all the family, both adults and young children and he interacts kindly with other dogs. Oatley is the perfect affectionate and gentle family pet for within your home. Yet, outside he remains active, graciously fast and agile, as demonstrated by his ability to partake easily with agilty training and canicross that he has recently commenced.
Oatley has a great build as a Brittany and follows an impeccable bloodline, as seen by his impressive hip score.

Fee: £500

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