e-Britts Summer 2017 Newsletter

Letter from the Chairman

Hallo everybody. Our newsletter has a new editor, Mandy Boaz, and I am delighted to welcome her to this role and to seeing how e-Britts develops and changes. Other new faces are Sarah Finch, our new Field Trial Secretary, and Andrew Barlow-Evans. You will soon get to know them. They have brought our committee numbers up to a full complement.

Our other big change is the venue and date for Le Weekend. This is publicised fully and I hope you will enter your Britts for both the show (on Saturday) and the working/activity events (Sunday). It is not only a showcase for potential Bretonniers to meet the dogs– but a chance to have fun and catch up with others who share our enthusiasm for this very special breed.

As always the summer brings outdoor events throughout the country. We rely heavily on local volunteers to represent the Brittany at Game Fairs and country shows. Don’t leave it to someone else – spruce your pet up and get involved.

Most importantly enjoy your Brittanys – you will not find a breed that is more willing to help you have a good time!

Steve Wright – Chairman