Minutes of AGM 2015

Unconfirmed Minutes of the Brittany Club of Great Britain AGM, Yelvertoft Village Hall 22nd February 2015

Meeting opened at 2.00pm.

Present: S. Wright, K. Gorman, M. Young, R. Holt, J. Anderson, B. Anderson, H. Nelson, F.Cook, A. Massie, J. Taylor, G. Tully, M. Withey, J. Yarrow & 10 other members.

1.Apologies: M. Green, G. Davies, D. Anderton, F. Cox, J. Dyke, L. Dyke, S. Burton, S. Stone, M. Brown

2.Minutes approved for the 2014 AGM

3.Matters Arising from AGM minutes 2014

a. Handbook/News sheets – the Handbook is presently 107 pages. Once this has been published and circulated members will be asked to decide if it is to be produced every 5 years, or more often.

There was also a discussion on whether members names and contact details should be published on the website without their consent (as part of the Handbook content when this is loaded on). It was agreed that only members’ names, town and county, telephone numbers and email addresses would be published in the print version – not their address and post codes. Action – Mike Porter to circulate members to establish if these limited personal details should still be included on the website version, prior to it entering the public domain

b. Venue for Championship Show-the committee has booked Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse for the 2015 Championship Show on 3rd & 4th October. There is no accommodation on site apart from a caravan site.

Proposed by the Committee for 2016 onwards-that the 2 day weekend format be moved to a late July date so that we can source a venue at an Agricultural College, which will have all the facilities we need & available student accommodation during the holidays. The working day to remain on a similar basis but the summer Open Show is attached instead of the Championship Show, which would then become a one-day show in October.

Possible different venues that have been researched were discussed; Pershore Agricultural College in Evesham, Worcestershire appears to have the most facilities that we need. Following a discussion about moving the Championship Show to summer, there was a show of hands agreeing that this was the way forward. It was also decided that we do need to keep looking for an alternative venue to Cattthorpe.

It was agreed that the date couldn’t be changed for the 2016 Championship Show on 26th September as we have a French judge booked; it is expected that it will be Stratford again for this show.

4. Presentation of Trophies-the St. Tugen Trophy to the leading kennel at Club Shows in 2014, Barbara & John Anderson.

Hameau de Sorny Trophy to the Reserve Best Kennel 2014, Gill Tully.

5. Chairman’s Report-Steve Wright has completed his 1st year as Chairman. He reminded us of the mission to recruit 1 member each in order to keep the Club sustainable.Looks after the welfare of the Brittany.Rescue service.Attends Discover dogs, Crufts, Game fairs.Club website.Steve commented on the previous secretary, Andrew Stewart’s enthusiasm for the breed, who sadly died in December 2014.

He stated that there is a need for new committee members-experience not necessary just commonsense & goodwill. He finished off his report by stating “You (the members) are the Club!”

The Chairman’s aspiration for 2015/16 is “What you can do for the Club”-what would you like to do? Tell the Club.

Network of club members who are able to give advice to new owners.

Regional events organised by Regional Officers.

Judges committee aims to protect the nature of the breed-“Fit for function”.

He recognised the drop in show entries of our breed, commented on the good atmosphere generated at the shows & thanked everyone who has officiated at the shows. He also stated a thank you to those people who have approached him with grievances as this demonstrates that they feel improvements can be made in the running/activities of the Club. A common comment is “the Club doesn’t do anything for people who don’t show or do field trials”. Steve highlighted what the Club does: –

6. Acting Secretary’s Report: Mick Young wished all new members a very warm welcome. He wanted members to think more about the breed than themselves by entering shows & not withholding an entry because of “not liking the judge”. He commented on the officers standing down & the need for new people to become involved. He stated that he was looking forward to the 2015 championship Show at Stratford. He gave thanks to the following people: -Steve Wright for his “stability over the past year”.Barbara for her long-standing position as Membership Secretary.

Margaret Green for “support”

Anne Massie for ‘doing a fantastic job”

7. Hon. Treasurer’s report-Ruth Holt informed us that the Club’s finances are in good shape & that banks had been changed in the last year. The accounts show a deficit due to the costs of the new website. Ruth suggested a couple of ways of raising more income would be to increase the membership cost & to put more chargeable events on. Anne Massie thanked Ruth for her efforts this year with the accounts.

Anne Massie asked if anyone is familiar with word press to contact her or Mike Porter.

Jan Taylor queried monies paid into Rescue, as the balance she had paid in was £2000. It was reported that there had been a number of kennelling expenses.

Maureen Withy asked for a breakdown of all the show money; they are available to see.

Ruth Holt reported that the accounts do need more information, as they “don’t give members a clear picture”. The Club accountants are Haines Watts. There was a returned unopposed vote for more clarity in the accounts.

Mick Young, Steve Wright & Kathy Gorman, approved the accounts.

8.Field Trial-Congratulations were given to Mr. M. Hirst with Fly to Tournesol & Mr. P. Bennett with Tournesol Inox who have both won awards in field trials in the past year.

John Anderson thanked Mike Porter for all his work with the new BCGB website. J. Anderson to send an analysis of all field trial wins to M. Porter to put on the website.

Anderson reported that he had to cancel the novice field trial as it clashed with a Kennel Club Field Trial.

The 2014 Tan was judged by Andy Coveney, organised by Mick Young for the BCGB weekend & won by Richard Harwood’s Toby (Toffee Cream; Eastonite Bacchus-Eastonite Cee Eagle).

Anderson reported that there had been no ground for a spring pointing test.

There had been more training days & gundog working tests.

Anderson proposed not to increase field trial fees. The Kennel Club put a levy of £30 for each open field trial in addition to the £25 license fee.

Anderson asked if anyone knows of any ground that can be used.

November 16th there is a field trial judging day on Rory Major’s ground in Lincolnshire.

John Anderson stated that he will not be standing again as field trial secretary & he thanked Barbara Anderson for all her help in the past.

Fosse Data is now running field trial entries; competitors pay a small fee & the      BCGB club pay the credit card fee.

9. Election of Officers-Everyone present was in favour of Steve Wright remaining as Chairman (until 2018).

Mick Young (Acting Secretary) returned unopposed-to remain as Secretary (until 2016).

The Committee has 7 vacancies, each for a term of 3 years: –

Harry Nelson seeking re-election.

Lindsay Stevens-proposed Mick Young, seconded Jan Taylor.

Jenna Cocking-proposed Gill Tully, seconded John Anderson.

The following members were duly elected for a period of 1 year as per Club Rules & Regulations (Rule 3k), as they were voted on to the Committee at the AGM: –

Ann Samardzija-proposed by Jan Taylor, seconded by Ruth Holt.

Mike Porter-proposed by Anne Massie, seconded by Fiona Cook.

Jill Peet* (see addendum)-proposed by Steve Wright, seconded by Anne Massie.

After a short resume of their interests in the Brittany breed & the attributes they felt they could bring to the Club by acting on the committee, they were elected without opposition.

(Addendum-since the meeting it has been confirmed that Jill Peet was not a member of the Club at the time of the AGM & therefore was not in a position to be elected to the committee.)

10. Election of 2019 Championship Show Judge-Steve Wright, Anne Massie & Mick Young all agreed that it is too far ahead to elect.

Judges names have to be put forward to the Judges Sub Committee, then the Committee & then the AGM.

11. Appointment of Auditor for 2015-Haines Watts of Worcester proposed by Ruth Holt & seconded by Steve Wright.

12. Honoraria-it was agreed at the meeting that the Acting Secretary receives £300 (no change to the previous year) & the Hon. Treasurer & Field Trial Secretary each receives £250 (again no change to the previous year).

13. AOB-none

14. Date of next AGM meeting-23rd February 2016.

Meeting closed at 4.00pm.