Natural Aptitude Test (Teste d’Aptitudes Naturelles)

In France, the country of origin of the Brittany, the principle that our breed is dual purpose is held in very high esteem, and both beauty and working ability are conscientiously promoted.

With this in mind, a number of years ago, the French Brittany Club introduced an official Natural Aptitude Test, referred to in its abbreviated form as a T.A.N. (Teste d’Aptitudes Naturelles)

The T.A.N. is designed to assess the natural instinct in young dogs to hunt and point game, and in France only animals of between the ages of six months and three years may participate.

There is very high regard in France for the T.A.N. and it is classed as a very worthwhile certificate and used to be added to the dog’s papers by the French Kennel Club. Even so, in France this is NOT a competition, there are no winners, no losers. The raison d’ĂȘtre of the T.A.N. is to demonstrate the wonderful natural ability of the Brittany.

The Committee of the Brittany Club of Great Britain supports the French view and hopes all members will also have the aim to retain the dual purpose abilities of the breed, particularly when breeding.