Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018

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Sunday 25th February 2018.
Yelvertoft Village Hall, Northamptonshire NN6 6LY.

The meeting will start at approx. 1pm after the conclusion of the Open Show.

Items for the Agenda and new nominations for Committee positions should be received by the
Secretary, in writing, no later than 11th February 2018.

Pleasenote that only fully paid up members
of the club may propose or second amendments to club rules or support the election of someone to
the committee or an officer position.

Committee and Officer Vacancies
The Chairman position is vacant following the end of the three year term of office.

Mr S Wright seeks re-election.

The Field Trial Secretary position is vacant following the resignation of the post holder.

The vacancy is for the remainder of the current term, until 2020.

Committee vacancies x 7
Miss J Cocking and Mr H Nelson are seeking re-election having served a three year term.
All committee posts are for a 3 year term unless otherwise stated.

Brittany Club of Great Britain: Officers and Committee s 2017/2018
Officers of the Committee: Year next due for election Committee: Year next due for election
Patron: Pierre Willems Not applicable Mr John Anderson 2020
President: Mrs Margaret Green Not applicable Mr Dave Anderton 2019
Chairman: Vacant 2021 Mr Andrew Barlow-Evans 2020
Vice-Chairman: Mrs Kathy Gorman 2019 Mrs Mandy Boaz 2020
Secretary: Mrs Ann Samardzija 2019 Ms R Holt 2020
Treasurer: Mrs Anne Massie 2020 Mr Mike Porter 2019
Field Trial Secretary: Vacant 2020 Mrs Jan Taylor 2020
Mrs Maureen Withey 2020
Vacant x 7 2021

The Agenda will be published on the Club Website as soon as practical before the Annual General
Meeting. The full Agenda and Accounts will be available at the meeting. Any member wishing to
receive a copy of the Agenda and Accounts before the meeting should send a stamped addressed
envelope to the Secretary.

Downloadable documents

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018 (PDF)

Nomination form – committee (Word Doc)

Unconfirmed Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting are available in the Members Area of the
Club Website.

In accordance with Club rules this will be the only notice sent.

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