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Notice of Annual General Meeting – Sunday 26th February 2017

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held on Sunday 26th February 2017 at Yelvertoft Village Hall at approx. 1pm.  There will be a break for lunch following the Open Show prior to the start of the AGM, hence the approximate start time.  Please attend if you can.  At the AGM you will hear reports from the committee on the achievements and work that has taken place over the year.   You will also be asked to vote for those standing for election to the committee, or for any changes to club rules or the constitution.


AGM 2017 Agenda can be found here

We will have vacancies on the Committee as not all of the 15 committee posts were filled in 2016.  Additionally, some  of our current committee are not standing for re-election to their officer posts (Treasurer and Field Trial Secretary).  For those who may be considering standing for election to the committee but are not sure what is involved, here are the basics:  Attendance at three meetings each year, in Feb, June and Sept and always on our show dates so that you may be likely to be there anyway.  Other club business throughout the year is conducted by email consensus, so can be done in your own time quite easily.  Most importantly we ask your goodwill and your commitment to the welfare and future of the breed.   If you are interested and would like further information please contact the Club Chairman, Steve Wright, who will be happy to discuss in more detail.


If you would like to submit items for the AGM agenda, or make nominations for officer or committee posts the deadline is 12th February 2017 as per the notice below.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Sunday 26th February 2017

Yelvertoft Village Hall, Northamptonshire, NN6 6LY

The meeting will start at approx. 1pm after the conclusion of the Open Show

Any resolution for the Agenda and nominations for new officers or new Committee positions must be in the hands of the Secretary, in writing, no later than 12th February 2017. Please note that at the time of nomination, the proposer, seconder and nominee must be fully paid up members.

In accordance with Club rules this will be the only notice sent.

The full Agenda and Accounts will be available at the meeting.

Any member wishing to receive a copy of the Agenda and Accounts before the meeting should send a stamped addressed envelope to the Secretary. The Agenda will be published on the Club Website as soon as practical before the Annual General Meeting. Minutes of the 2016 Annual General

Brittany Club of Great Britain: Officers and Committee s 2016/2017


Year next due for election


Year next due for election

President: Mrs Margaret GreenNot applicableMr Dave Anderton2019
Chairman: Mr Steve Wright2018Miss Jenna Cocking2018
Vice-Chairman: Mrs Kathy Gorman2019Mrs Anne Massie2018
Secretary: Mrs Ann Samardzija2019Mr Harry Nelson2018
Treasurer: Ms Ruth Holt2017Mr Mike Porter2019
Field Trial Secretary: Mr John Anderson2017Mrs Lindsey Stevens2018
Mrs Jan Taylor2017
Mrs Maureen Withey2017
Committee and Officer Vacancies
Mr J Anderson and Ms R Holt are not seeking re-election to the officer roles currently held.
There will be vacancies for the Officer posts of Field Trial Secretary and Treasurer.
Mr J Anderson, Ms R Holt, Mrs J Taylor and Mrs M Withey, are seeking re-election to the committee.
Mr E Hawkins is a co-opted member 2016 and is willing to seek full election.Additionally, there are unfilled Committee vacancies so please think seriously about the future of your club and consider allowing your name to go forward if you are prepared to work for the good of our Club and breed.

Please download and complete the Committee nomination form