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Novice Field Trial – 25 Oct 2021 – Results

Results for the BCGB Novice Trial held at Radbourne, Derbyshire.

1st – Tweed Mull (HWV  Bitch) handled by Simon Bennett

CoM – Archenfield Islay (HV  Bitch) handled by Nick Lambert

Guns Award – Cadanbyrig Maestral (GLP  Bitch) handled by Annie Jones

Many thanks to Mr N. Cooper and the Radbourne Shoot for hosting the trial and ensuring an excellent day. Thanks go to the Judges – Maureen Nixon and Howard Kirby; thanks also to the guns (Roy, Paul & Mark) who put birds down for the competitors. Thanks to John Cottrell – Chief Steward and a special note of thanks to the others that helped the smooth running of the day: Caroline Perks (Red Flag), Toby (Picker up) and George (Game carrier)

**Mostly a big thank you to the competitors for supporting the BCGB! ** I hope everyone had a terrific day!

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