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Open Field Trial – 26 Oct 2021 – Judges Report

Judges Field Trial Report for The Brittany Club of Great Britain Open Stake held at Hawkhurst, Kent on the Tuesday 26th October 2021.

By kind permission of, Mr F Briley.

Judges Mrs R Dockwray (2245 AP) and Mr B Dymond (3806 BP)

1st Hunterstone Rhea HV (B) Mrs Shirley Mattravers​

3rd  Bonario Fagiana  Bracco (B) Mr Alan Parr​

4th Morsebeck Patch GWP (D) Mr Lee Loveridge

CoM: Jaguar Du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft HWV (D) Mr Rory Major 

CoM: Hunterstone Uno HV (B) Mr T MacTravers 

CoM: Quintana Cloud Berry GSP (B) Mr Paul Nixon

CoM: Sutchest Braun Gino GSP (D) Mr J Bird

GUNS AWARD: Sutchest Braun Gino. Mr J Bird 

This trial would take place in the wide open fields of Kent on a warm October day in fields of mixed cover crops under a blue sky. 

1st Award:  Hunterstone Rhea, Handled by Shirley Mattravers

In the first round this dog’s steady methodical style and pace in a backwind, would produce a staunch point on the crest of the field. Producing a single cock pheasant and being steady to the shot and fall, a very lively 40m retrieve took place on the slopping field.After delivering this head up bright eyed bird to hand, the dog would continue its run. This dog’s methodical style in backwind continued while working down the sloping field. Coming on to a staunch point, on command a single partridge was produced by the dog. Steady to the shot and fall, this 30m retrieve delivered to hand finished this dog’s first run.

Second round hunting the same type of mixed cover crop that we were in all day, this dog’s pattern opened up as it worked a light headwind. Covering the ground with ease and with a good head carriage the dog came on to a staunch point. With a covey of a dozen partridges being produced the dog was sat steady as it watched them away. Good game finder. 

3rd Award:  Bonario Fagiana, Handled by Alan Parr

Open fields of mixed cover crop on a backwind, the wind speed had increased slightly compared to the earlier part of the day. The dog covered the ground with a good head carriage and pace and came on point producing a pair of partridge. Steady to the shot and fall of both of these birds the dog was sent for the closer of the two retrieves. First bird, 30m retrieve was completed with minimal input from the handler. Second retrieve was approximately 100m and come down in the edge of the field, due to the topography of the ground this retrieve was effectively a blind to the dog and handler. The dog took a line as directed by its handler and quickly found the fall, working this area systematically the dog found the partridge and delivered it back to hand.   Good retrieve. 

Second Round and hunting in a headwind this dog quickly located game and came on to a staunch point on the right hand side of its beat. Producing a single bird when asked, the 20m retrieve was completed with ease. This dog would later have a third run, but no game was found on that beat. 

4th Award: Morsebeck Patch, Handled by Lee Loveridge  

The dog hunted a backwind with drive, purpose and a good head carriage at the start of this first run. A point would produce a single partridge. No other game was found on the rest of its beat. 

Second round and the dog would complete a 10m retrieve on a pheasant that had lifted as we entered the next field to work. Working the field in to a head wind a staunch point would produce a single pheasant. Steady to the shot and fall of the bird but the retrieve was not possible due to the bird getting caught up in a tree.  Working on down the field another point and a production on command of a single partridge, steady to shot and fall the bird came down in the opposite side of a hedgerow  The dog was sent for this blind retrieve and faced the cover of the hedgerow. Steady to the lifting birds around the fall area the dog completed the retrieve and delivered to hand. 

CoM Award: Jaguar Du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft, Handled by Rory Major.

This dog covered the ground well but had a blank first run. Second run in a headwind would start with two retrieves, one on a pheasant and one on a pigeon. The pheasant retrieve was 30m on the edge of the crop and the pigeon approximately 60m out in the plough. With both retrieves completed the dog hunted the cover crop and came on to a staunch point. Producing a pair of partridges on command, the handler was asked to send for the left hand bird. 20m retrieve was completed and the right hand bird would be used as a retrieve for another dog. This dog would later have a third run, but no game was found on that beat.

CoM Award: Hunterstone Uno, Handled by T Mattravers

Running on a backwind and hunting with pace, point and production followed by a 30m retrieve to hand. Second run was unproductive.

CoM Award: Quintana Cloud Berry, Handled by Paul Nixon

This Bitch ran a backwind with drive and purpose, but had an unproductive first run. Second run on a headwind and a staunch point, producing a small covey of partridge on command. Steady to flush and shots being fired. Two birds shot in adjacent field the dog was sent for blind retrieve though a gap in the hedge, the retrieve was completed with minimal input from handler. 

CoM Award: Dog No 12: (GSP Dog) Sutchest Braun Gino Handled by Jim Bird

First run – hunted with style and drive throughout, took the wind well and both dog and handler’s ground treatment were impeccable. Steady to a single lifting partridge on a far left hand side of the beat, the 50m retrieve was completed with ease. Second run and a 30m retrieve from previous dog’s production was completed with minimal input from hander. Hunting the dog on, a point and production on the boundary between the fields would complete this dog’s card. This dog would later have a third run, but no game was found on that beat.  Also achieved the Guns Award. 


All dogs in the awards completed the blind retrieve over the water.

We would like to thank Mr F Briley for his kind hospitality and his continued support of HPR Field Trials. Many thanks goes to the team of Guns for their superb shooting. Also thanks to all those who helped especially to John Cottrell as Chief Steward and to all of the competitors who entered under us as judges and to the Brittany Club of Great Britain for asking us to judge. 

Mrs Rita Dockwray and Mr Brad Dymond

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