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Open Field Trial – 26 Oct 2021 – Results

Results for the BCGB Open Trial held at Little Pixhall Farm, Kent by kind permission of Francis Briley.

Congratulations to all in the awards!

1st – Hunterstone Rhea (HV  Bitch) handled by Shirley Mattravers

3rd – Bonario Fagiana (BRACCO  Bitch) handled by Alan Parr

4th – Morsebeck Patch (GWP  Dog) handled by Lee Loveridge

CoM – Jaguar Du Domaine Saint Hubert at Bryantscroft (HWV  Dog) – R. Major

CoM –Hunterstone Uno (HV  Bitch) – T. Mattravers

CoM –Quintana Cloud Berry (GSP  Bitch) – P. Nixon

CoM & Guns Award –Sutchest Braun Gino (GSP  Dog) – J. Bird

 Judges:  Rita Dockwray & Bradley Dymond

Chief Steward:  John Cottrell

Our thanks and appreciation go to the Host – Francis Briley; steward of the beat – Steve Hall; the judges, the guns (Steve, Dan, Enzo & Angelo) who were brilliant at getting birds on the ground, chief steward,  Picking up dog – Jo Izard (who doubled as game carrier); Red Flag – Laura Winder and last but not least Jess for ensuring birds were where they were meant to be, and for helping out at the end of the day!   

**Mostly a big thank you to the competitors for supporting the BCGB! **

I hope everyone had a terrific day!

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