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Open Show – 26 Sep 2021 – Critiques

Critiques for the BCGB Open Show held on 26 Sep 2021 at Yelvertoft Village Hall.


Mrs A Howes (Medogold) – Main Classes

Mrs L Stevens (Sanbosier) – Special Classes

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Main Classes


Open Show on 26 Sept 2021     

Judge: Aidine Howes (Medogold)

My thanks to the Brittany Club Committee and to the exhibitors for a super entry of 42 exhibits, the show was so well run and beautifully set out at Yelvertoft Village Hall. Thanks also to my stewards who kept everything in order.

BIS & BBCocking & Barnaby’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite
RBBISYarrow’s Pesh Di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (imp IT)
RBIS, BOS & BDCook’s Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (AI) JW
RBDISGraham & Yarrow’s Bonapartist Pickpocket
BPISCutler’s Rochus Serpentine with Jayricnbrits
RBPISFrost’s Rhapsodie De La Riviere at Patouche
BVISYarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Grenadier


MIN PUPPY D       1/0

 1st    Cutler’s Rochus Serpentine with Jayricnbrits at 7 months old this puppy caught my eye he challenged an equally pleasing Puppy B for BPIS  hair splitting decision.  Good in outline he was cobby and well-proportioned good head and eye he was a little bouncy in his class but settled well to challenge the B winner   

 PUPPY D              2/0

1st           Rochus Serpentine with Jayricnbrits      

2nd        Taylor & Gill’s Rennes De Pasmazgeng  10 months old with pleasing head and ear set clean neck good rib and short coupling needs to mature in body as you would expect  moved steadily     

JUNIOR D             No entries

NOVICE D            1/0

1st       Rochus Serpentine with Jayricnbrits    

 POST GRADUATE D               4/1

1st           Hayes & Wilson’s Tllybirlochs Otto   Head and skull parallel planes smart cobby dog with good angles fore and aft, hock under point of buttock brisk mover much to like  

2nd         Andersons Sanbrosier Nevis for me his head pleases so much, eyes in harmony with his coat colour good ear set clean through neck deep through brisket nicely short coupled moved steadily  

3rd         Dixon’s Sanbrosier Perseus     

LIMIT D                                       3/1

1st          Graham & Yarrow’s  Bonapartist Pickpocket smart cobby outline shoulder slightly sloping deep through brisket well rounded rib, short over loin strong quarters brisk movement

2nd        Robindon’s Taroard Our Joe  taller made than I with good outline leg length slightly more than depth of rib strong over loin topped by pleasing head parallel planes good eye and expressive         

OPEN D           No entries    

SPECIAL OPEN  D   Orange and white               1 /1

1st          Cook’s Sh Ch Highclare Only One with Tailliside I was pleased to award this D RBIS & BOS his movement was brisk and true he flows throughout head is so pleasing his eyes set slightly obliquely in harmony with his coat colour, ears set slightly high triangular in shape and slightly rounded at the tip neck set cleanly into slightly sloping shoulder good depth of brisket and rib, strong quarters

OPEN D Any Other Colour Except O/W   3/2

1st          Anderson’s Rochus Noble    Preferred this boy’s head he had good ear set clean neck good body works, short coupling strong quarters kept his top line on the move 

2nd        Frost & Rush’s Patouche Milord this outgoing brisk mover has deep brisket well rounded rib strong quarters

SP TAILED D        No entries

VETERAN D         1/0

1st     Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Grenadier  my choice for BVIS at almost 10 years old this boy has class and showed himself off so well lovely head and eye good  elbows tight to brisket forelegs straight good feet strong quarters slight wave to his coat impressive on the move


1st     Anderson’s Rochus Marvin smart cobby boy he was so outgoing strong through slightly sloping top line tail well set on, he has good depth of brisket,  moderate turn of stifle moved with purpose

2nd     Finch’s Jassendue Manets Medley at Cetgueli   finer cast than 1 parrallel planes in head good ear set eyes in harmony with coat colour clean neck, ribs deep with elbows fitting tightly another positive moner


PUPPY B      1 /0

 1st        Frost’s Rhapsodie De La Riviere at Patouche RBPIS This young Tri is so together at 10 months Good body proportions depth of fore chest  moderate front angulation bone and neat feet topped with a pleasing head and dark eye moved briskly holding top line all the way

JUNIOR B            1/0

1st          Dixon’s Capenor Coco Cosette An improvement in handling would greatly benefit this nice youngster, movement had glimpses of potential pleasing head neck and shoulder can only improve

NOVICE B             3 /0

1st        Southorn’s Rochus Perrine Good cobby outline standing well over the ground I liked her head ears set on rather high and eye set slightly obliquely blending with coat colour depth of brisket neatly to elbow with nicely rounded rib and short coupling much to like

2nd        Finch’s Patouche Peiam cette Gueli  similar but not as mature in body as my winner, moved out briskly and well

3rd        Anderson’s Rochus Olive

POST GRADUATE B         3/0

1st       Yarrow’s Pech Di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (Imp IT) My RBBIS For me pleasing in all departments her head planes were level good eye and expression,  clean neck fore chest and depth standing on good legs with slight slope to pastern clean underline strong quarters moved out briskly and well

2nd      Southorn’s Rochus Ottilie  (AI)So pleasing in head and expression alert without hardness together with good body she moved off cleanly from strong quarters

3rd       Robinson’s Tarward Pretty Penny

LIMIT B                     4/1

1st        Cocking and Barnaby’s Bonapartiste Odette at Rushkinite BIS and BB so much to like here well presented super outline on the move she kept her top line beautifully with a brisk gait pushing off from strong quarters with clearly defined hocks, in head she had level planes high set on ears eye colour that blended with coat, depth and rounded rib, elbows fitting to deep brisket ,well deserved

2nd          Cutlers’s Tarward Precious Pearl with Jacricnbrits eye catching cobby B liked her overall appearance and head, firm over loin all in moderation moved steadily handling let her down a little here today could change places on another day

3rd        Southorn’s Rochus Nelke

OPEN B                  2/1

1st       Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Odile Smart outline shown so well she is strong in Outline with perfect stance over the ground front and legs good  rounded rib strong quarters nothing overdone all in moderation

SPECIAL OPEN Orange & White B                      4 /1

1st          Yarrow & Graham’s Bonapartist Orchid of Lyndfil   really gave her handler a hard time but could not deny her this 1st place she is full of quality all in moderation, brisk movement from strong quarters well defined hock

2nd         Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Linnet  So similar to 1 if a little longer cast pleasing forehand well rounded rib good legs bone pastern and feet

3rd         Ryan’s Patouche Jamee

SPECIAL OPEN B Any Other colour Except O/W                  2/0

1st          Ryan’s Patouche Oriana  Cobby Tri with nicely rounded rib moderate coupling strong over loin into good quarters kept top line when moving

2nd         Rush’s Patouche Pistache   Pleasing head and eye moderately sloping shoulder moved steadily


1st           Capenore Coco Cosette

VETERAN B         4 /0

1st          Andersdon’s Sh Ch Rochus Jayricnbrits Hattie  certainly well deserving of her title this lovely 9 year old is all in moderation pleasing fore and aft well ribbed short coupled moved out well

2nd       Yarrow & Nunn’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Iryssa  Another  quality B with good head and expression so much to like she is almost 8 years old clean neck slightly longer cast than my winner she has excellent quarters and moved out briskly and well

3rd           Southorn’s Sh Ch Rochus Juliette


Judge Aidine Howes

Special Classes

Brittany Club of Great Britain – 26/09/21 – Special Classes

I would like to thank the club for their invitation to Judge the Special Classes at the BCGB Open Show 2021 and thank the exhibitors who entered under me.

I was thrilled to have some fabulous exhibits to go over, most appearing square and cobby with good heads, however, movement was quite an issue on the day, appearing good in profile but when moving away and coming toward, it was very erratic and difficult to assess positively. This unfortunately did cost several quality exhibits a place.

Astra Special Yearling Dog or Bitch

1st Frost, Mrs J P – Rhapsodie de la Riviere at Patouche.

A lovely young tricolour bitch of 10 months old. Neat ears set high on a feminine head of the correct 3:2 skull/muzzle ratio. Stop moderate and skin was tight on head and lips. Dentition correct. Her neck was of a good length and set well into muscular shoulders. Square body with excellent front and rear angulation. Topline showed a very gentle slope which she held on the move. Still needs to develop in the chest, but she is young and has plenty of time on her side. Movement was by far the best in the class demonstrating the correct clipped movement without overextending at the rear.

2nd Yarrow, Mr P A & Mrs J A – Pesh Di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (Imp IT)

This 18-month-old black and white bitch was very square and cobby with excellent bone. Her ears were set high and she had the correct 3:2 skull/muzzle ratio. Stop moderate and skin was tight on head, dentition correct. Her head was a little bit on the masculine side but was within standard. Neck was of medium length and set very well into her shoulders but due to carrying a little extra weight did appear quite thick. Deep chest with Brisket reaching to elbows. Topline strong and slightly sloping. Very well handled and moved briskly in profile but tended to move quite close behind when viewed from the front or rear.

Sandy Massie Memorial Special Open BCGB TAN Dog or Bitch

1st Hayes & Wilson, Mr N D & Mr A – Tillybirloch Otto

This 3-year-old orange and white dog just screamed Brittany at me. I did prefer the head of my 2nd place but everything else about this boy was just spot on and his movement was the best and most typical of all the dogs I saw today. His head was of the correct 3:2 skull/muzzle ratio, zygomatic arches a little too prominent. Neat, high set ears and a wonderful quizzical expression. Stop slightly steeper than I would like. Eyes oval and of good colour, skin tight over head and lips with correct dentition. Neck strong and set into muscular shoulders, deep chest with brisket reaching to elbow. Angulation good front and rear. Body perfectly square and cobby with slightly sloping topline which he carried well on the move. A lovely coat, although a little unkempt, goaty in texture along the spine. Movement was outstanding both in profile and when viewed from front and rear. Brisk, clipped with little rear extension.

2nd Southern, Mrs K – Rochus Nelke

An almost 4-year-old Tricolour bitch with the most beautiful head. High set ears, oval eyes in harmony with her coat colour, and a typical Brittany expression. Skin tight over head and lips, stop moderate, dentition correct. She had a lovely muzzle, very slightly tapered giving her a refined look without looking snipy. Well-muscled all around with good angulations front and rear. Good strong topline, gently sloping towards croup. Deep, well-rounded chest. Possibly a little long in loin if I’m being picky. Movement was very good, and she was unlucky to come up against the winner of this class as she is a very nice example of the breed.

Peter Green Memorial Special Open Dog or Bitch

This was an incredibly strong class and there were some excellent dogs. Movement in this class played a big part in placings.

1st Southern, Mrs K – Sh Ch Rochus Juliet

A really typical Brittany who has always caught my eye and I was pleased to finally get my hands on her and she didn’t disappoint. This 7-year-old has a wonderful head, neat ears set high on a well made head. 3:2 Skull/muzzle on parallel planes with tight skin over head and lips. Correct scissor bite. Neck clean and of medium length leading to muscular shoulders. Nicely spaced shoulder blades, good angulation front and rear. Deep chest and good length of leg. Short in back with topline gently sloping and strong which she held well on the move. Movement clipped and she moved briskly and balanced when viewed from all angles. Coat was trimmed a little short which slightly spoilt the all-round picture.

2nd Cutler, Mrs M J – Tarward Precious Pearl with Jayricnbrits

This 2-year-old orange and white bitch is still not fully developed but she had so much quality, she thoroughly deserved her placing. A strong yet refined head of the correct proportions. Skin tight over head and lips. Neat high set ears which she used to her advantage. Eyes oval, would prefer them slightly darker however, they are in harmony with her coat colour. Stop moderate and dentition correct. Neck of a good length set into moderately sloping shoulders. Despite being so young her chest was deep with brisket reaching elbows. When standing she presented a square, cobby outline, good angulations with excellent bone and good length of leg. She was handled and moved very well displaying the required brisk and clipped gait. I think there could be a very bright future for both dog and handler in store.

Lindsey Stevens (Judge)