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Open Show – Critiques – 20 Feb 2022

Critiques for the BCGB Open Show held on 20 Feb 2022 at Yelvertoft Village Hall.


Mr Keith Groom (Grunjagen) – Main Classes – Critiques below

MS Jennifer Nicholls (Stonesview) – Special Classes – Critiques tba

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Main Classes

The Brittany Club of GB (Open Show)

The Brittany Club of GB held their open show at Yelvertoft Village Hall. Thank you for the invitation to judge your lovely breed. I consider it a great honour, many thanks to the exhibitors for the super entry and the sportsmanship shown to all winners. Thanks also to my two stewards, Kathy and Peter for a sterling job well done.

I had plenty of quality to select my winners and found the breed to be in good form.

BIS to a lovely masculine dog of good type, shown very well in top condition, without being overdone. He was also the sire of both Puppy Class winners, passing on his quality.

Best Bitch and RBIS was a lovely feminine girl, a worthy title holder who takes the eye with her type and outline and presented very well.

Best Puppy went to a most promising tri male, his sister taking her class for the girls. Both are sure to take their fair share in the future.

Best Veteran in show was a lovely feminine girl, one to be proud of.

I would like to wish you and your breed all the best for the future and thanks again for giving me a lovely day!

The Brittany Club of Great Britain

(Open Show)

Puppy Dog (3,1)

1 – Cutler’s Bonapartist Soldier Blue with Jayricnbrits.

Tri, most promising young male, head of good shape with dark eye giving intelligent expression. Ears well set, neck length correct, square in outline. Body and ribbing good, both front and rear angulation pleased. Nice bone for frame, tight feet, moved out with short sound stride. Presented in top condition, coat good. Pleased to make him Best Puppy In Show. Well done.

2 – Anderson’s Rochus Scarlet Pimpernel

O/W, another smart youngster with much to like. Scores with breed typical head and expression. Kind eye, front construction good, ribs well sprung, firm in back, well rounded in rear with moderate bend of stifle, tight rounded feet. Coat pleased, moved OK once he had settled, presented in good order.

Junior Dog (1)

1- Cutler’s Serpentine with Jayricnbrits.

B/W, pleased in head shape with correct proportions. Kind dark eye giving good expression, cobby in outline, strong well-formed neck and front assembly. Body deep, firm in topline, muscular rear quarters with moderate angulation. Good bone for frame, tight feet, moved and shown well in muscular condition.

Novice Dog (1)

1 – Cutler’s Bonapartist Soldier Blue with Jayricnbrits.

(Winner of puppy dog).

Post Grad Dog (5,1)

1 – Hayes Wilsons, Tillybirloch Otto

O/W, 3 ½ year old. Compact in outline, head shape pleased with good planes. Dark in the eye with kind expression, neck of moderate length, shoulders well formed and muscular, chest deep with well sprung ribbing, short firm back. Good in hind quarters, moved out sound and true with drive, looked well on the stack. Coat and condition pleased.

2 – Taylors and Gill Rennes De Pasmazgeng

Tri, 15 month old. Nice head and dark eye of good shape, ears well set, front correct with body of depth and short loin. Ribs good, moderate bend of stifle, tight feet, gave balanced outline stood. Coat good to the touch, moved out well, giving a lot away to (1) in maturity, but sure to finish well.

3 – Coveney’s Tillybirloch Roman

Limit Dog (2,1)

1 – Poole’s Sanboisier Naos At Laurremar

O/R, smart looking boy. Cobby in outline, head of pleasing type, good dark eye with kind intelligent expression. Ears well set, strong neck, chest of depth, firm in topline both standing and on the move. Tight feet, ample bone for frame, coat good and shown in top order. Moved out with brisk stride covering his ground.

Open Dog (5,2)

1 – Anderson’s Rochys Noble

Tri, lovely male of good breed type, scores with masculine head with pleasing alert expression. Moderate stop, correct in muzzle, well formed front, muscular shoulders, nice bone for frame. Deep well sprung rib, well coupled loin, coat and condition top order, muscular throughout but not overdone. Moved out very well, sound and true on a brisk stride. Liked him a lot, pleased to award him Best Dog and later BIS. Well done!

2 – Cook’s ShCh Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (AI) JW

O/W, head of good type, liked his expressive eye. Ears correct, neck moderate and well into shoulders, body depth and length pleased, firm topline, rear assembly breed typical, nice bone, tight feet, looked really well on the stand, just needs to settle on the move to come into his own which he did and was sound with drive, coat good. Presented in lovely condition, pleased to make him Res. Best Dog. Well done!

3 – Wrights Hawkwise Land Agent

Special Working Dog (3)

1 – Finch’s Jassendye Manets Medley Am Cetgueli

O/W, liked this boys head and eye, good ear set, neck well made and correct. Front assembly pleased, body compact and cobby with good chest depth, ribbing well sprung, rear angulation good. Tight feet, gave a nice outline stood, movement was a brisk and sound stride, presented in hard muscular tone and condition.

2 – Coveney’s Ch Tillybirloch Jem

O/R, breed typical head with ears well set, gave alert expression, strong moderate neck. Well made in front, chest deep, ribs pleased, strong rear well muscled, correct in bend of stiple. Tight feet, coat and muscular tone pleased, moved out with drive on a short stride with drive.

3 – Anderson’s Rochus Marvin

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1 – Slack’s Bonaparitist Snow Goose

O/W, lovely feminine shaped head with dark expressive eye, ears well set, neck moderate, chest deep, firm in back with well rounded hind quarters. Nice bone for frame, tight feet, liked her coat, dense and in top order, stood well giving pleasing outline. Moved at one with her handler on a brisk short stride. Should finish well and take her fair share.

Junior Bitch (2)

1- Holt’s Rochus Starburst

O/W, liked this girls head type and expressive dark eye. Neck and forequarters correct, compact in body with deep chest. Firm back with moderate rear angles, coat dense and flat, tight feet, moved out with breed typical brisk short stride. Presented good outline stood, shown in good condition and muscular tone.

2 – Anderson & Naylor’s Ayresdown Minerva at Denandmeg

B/W pretty headed bitch, dark in eye, tapered muzzle with moderate stop, cobby in outline with well sprung ribbing and deep chest. Short back, both front and rear angles pleased, tight feet. Moved ok once settled, shown in muscular tone.

Novice Bitch (4,1)

1 – Slack’s Bonapartist Snow Goose

(Winner of Puppy Bitch)

2- Southorn’s Rochus Ottilie

B/W, sweet head and expression. Kind alert eye, ears well set, good front assembly with deep chest , ribbing good. Tight feet, shown and presented in top condition, moved out soundly once settled. Looked well on the stand.

3 – Anderson & Naylor’s Rosemary Du Petit Odon (IMP FR).

Post Grad Bitch (5,1)

1 – Finch’s Patouche Peiam Am Cetgueli

B/W, feminine in head with pleasing expression, good eye colour and shape. Ear set pleased, neck of medium length well into shoulders, chest depth good, ribbing sprung, short coupled. Moderate bend of stifle, tight round feet, stood square and balanced with cobby outline. Moved out briskly with drive. Presented in good condition.

2 – Anderson’s Rochus Olive (AI)

O/W, breed typical in head with moderate stop. Eyes alert and intelligent, kind expression. Neck well formed; shoulders good. Chest deep, loin short, looked the part on the stand. Moved out soundly once settled. Shown in muscular condition.

3 – Southern’s Rochys Nelke

Limit Bitch (5,2)

1 – Yarrow’s Pesh Di Val Erossa of Bonaprtist

B/W quality girl. Lovely head shape with expressive dark eye, ears well set, neck pleased with good front assembly. Chest deep with sprung ribbing, short back leading to correct formed rear with moderate angulation. Good bone for frame, coat dense to touch, compact and cobby in outline stood. Moved out well on a short brisk stride. Presented in good condition, pleased to award her Res Best Bitch. Well done!

2 – Ryan’s Patouche Oriana Avec Petillant

Tri compact girl of good breed type. Liked her well shaped head and expression with dark eye. Ears well set, neck and shoulders good, chest deep, ribbing pleased, body short coupled. Good bone for frame, rounded broad flanks. Rear assembly correct, moved out well with drive, shown in muscular tone.

3 – Southern’s Rochus Perrine

Open Bitch (5,2)

1 – Cocking and Barnaby’s Sh Ch Bona Partist Odette

O/W, lovely bitch of good breed type, liked her feminine head of correct shape, scores with dark expressive eye giving intelligent expression. Ears well set, correct in neck, leading to best of fronts. Shoulders and chest depth pleased, body compact and well formed. Ribbing sprung, firm in back, short loin, well made rear flanks with moderate angulation. Pleased in bone for frame, tight feet, coat correct. Standing gave a lovely outline, cobby and balanced. Moved out very well on a sound brisk stride, top draw presentation! Pleased to award her Best Bitch, and later RBIS. Well done!

2 – Cutler’s Tanward Precious Pearl with Jayricnbrits.

O/W, scores with lovely feminine head of good shape. Ears well set, liked her expression and kind dark eye. Front construction well formed, body squared and cobby in outline. Firm topline, rear quarters rounded and correct in angulation. Tight feet, coat and condition good. Moved out well with drive on a short stride.

3 – Davies Rochys Lottie

Veteran Bitch (6,2)

1- Cutler’s Tarward Laura with Jayricnbrits

O/W 7 year old girl, my notes said feminine throughout and she is. Loved her sweet head and expressive eye, neck and front pleased. Body deep with short loin, firm in topline. Rear assembly good with moderate angulation. Coat and condition good. Looked well on the stand and moved out on a brisk stride. Pleased to award her Best Veteran In Show. Well done!

2- Steven’s Sh Ch Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier

O/W, another smart looking girl. Lovely head with correct head and muzzle length. Kind expressive eye, ears well set, neck moderate and leading to good front construction. Body deep, rib sprung. Short back, well made in rear, good bone and substance. Produced compact outline stood and moved out well at one with her handler. Condition pleased, one to be proud of.

3 – Rayan’s Patouche Jaimee Avec Petillant

Special Tailed Bitch (2,1)

1- Dixon’s Capenor Coco Cosette

O/W, head pleased, feminine with good skull and muzzle. Intelligent kind expression, dark eye, ears well set on, front constructed good, leading to body of compact form. Back firm, rear made correctly with moderate angulation. Tight feet, tail carried well, moved out with drive and shown in good coat and condition.


Keith Groom

Special Classes

To be submitted