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Pedigree Data Quality

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Dogs Missing Key Information

Please help improve the quality of the pedigree system records. To start we are trying to update dogs were there is a listed breeder.

Below is a list of dogs by breeder which are missing key information on DOB, Colour or Sire or Dam. Please click on the relevant link for a list of dogs. Please use the search facility to search for your own dog/s to check information relating to ownership, photos, awards etc.

[Click on a "Dogs" link below for dogs missing information].

Alan Stuyvesant   Dogs2
Dr & Mrs T & M Mcneilly   Dogs2
Madame Queffeulou   Dogs4
Miss F Flaux   Dogs1
Miss KM Forrester   Dogs1
Monsieur Alain Simon   Dogs1
Monsieur D Desprez   Dogs1
Monsieur Edmond Baudot   Dogs1
Monsieur Henri Bousquet   Dogs1
Monsieur J-M Binet   Dogs1
Monsieur Marc Joncour   Dogs8
Monsieur P Morin   Dogs85
Monsieur Pascal Bardon   Dogs1
Monsieur Pierre Gaudin   Dogs1
Monsieur Yves Joncour   Dogs8
Mr & Mrs D & S Hayes   Dogs9
Mr & Mrs Thayne & Groundwater   Dogs1
Mr B Macdiarmada   Dogs1
Mr G F Yeandle   Dogs1
Mr G Kingston   Dogs2
Mr G M Bryant   Dogs1
Mr I L Collier   Dogs1
Mr I R Ramsdell   Dogs1
Mr J R Coulthwaite Mrcvs   Dogs8
Mr Jack Whitworth   Dogs1
Mr K Gallagher   Dogs2
Mr LS Fletcher   Dogs1
Mr N Butwell   Dogs2
Mr N Waddock   Dogs1
Mr P Rankin   Dogs2
Mr Ricardo Menesis   Dogs1
Mr RW Russell   Dogs1
Mrs & Mr M & J Lewis- Storey   Dogs2
Mrs A Lewis   Dogs6
Mrs D Leach   Dogs3
Mrs E Hughes   Dogs2
Mrs J Raggett   Dogs1
Mrs K Bride   Dogs14
Mrs Lorraine Loughlin   Dogs1
Mrs S Johnston   Dogs1
Ms G Dierick   Dogs1
Msr & Mme M & L Marchand   Dogs3
Msr & Mme R Trentini   Dogs1
Msr F Riva   Dogs2
Msr L Le Louet   Dogs1