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Puppy Litters

Puppy litters updated.

The Club maintains a register of Brittany puppies for sale (see below).

Please refer to the Puppy Register page for the requirements for inclusion. For a list of breeders see the Brittany Breeder page. If you are considering a Rescue see the Rescue page.

If you wish to have your litter listed on this page please complete the online Puppies Available Form (members only).

The Brittany Club of Great Britain does not endorse or recommend any particular breeder, and potential puppy owners are encouraged to meet with breeders, their dogs and to gain as much information about the breed as possible.

All Breeders should be aware of current legislation relating to dog breeders and changes commonly known as Lucy’s Law (see Note the legal requirements differ between the UK Countries.

As Members of the Club the advertisers are bound by our Code of Ethics, including those relating to breeding (see here), which helps us protect the well-being of parents and puppies. As a Club we strongly recommend that potential puppy owner(s) ensure that puppies are from fully health tested parents.

We wish you ever success with your new family member, and hope that you will become a member of the Brittany Club of Great Britain.

If you have any questions please contact:

Litters for Sale

DISCLAIMER. The BCGB does not in anyway endorse or recommend these litters or their breeders and provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided and cannot accept any liability resulting from the use of this information..

‘No post found’ indicates that there are no litters being advertised.

Please also check the list of Brittany breeders in the UKand contact them directly as they may be planning litters (see Many breeders maintain a list of potential puppy owners.

Click on a litter below for details (Dam and DOB).

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