Reprint of the Brittany Club Breed Pictorial Record

There will be a reprint of the Brittany Club Breed Pictorial Record at a cost of £10. There will be a charge at cost if posted out, if you would like a copy please contact Anne Massie on

This is an A4 book containing many photos of Brittanys along with their pedigrees, breeders details etc from when the breed came into the UK in the early 1980s. It also contains some articles about the breed, and is a volume of the history of the breed in the UK.

We shall be adding a supplement this year to the breed pictorial record, so photos and text are invited for any dogs not in the original book, or which require to be changed from the original copy.

It is not necessary to provide the pedigree as the Club holds all registered Brittany pedigrees on our database, but please only include names and addresses that you wish to be printed.

Please send photos, text or to ask any questions please contact via by Wednesday 14th August 2019 (final closing date).

Brittanys do not need to be KC registered, please note this is not just for show dogs but for ALL Brittanys.

Please see example below.

Anne Massie