e-Britts Summer 2017 Newsletter

Sheba’s Rescue Story



Hello everybody we are Fran and Jay Hill, new members of BCGB and we’d like to introduce you to our lovely rescue/re-home, Sheba now aged 16. She came to live with us during Nov 15 after being advertised as a Springer Spaniel ‘Free to Good Home’ on Facebook. We already had 2 Springers at home so contacted the people offering to give her away and went to see her. She obviously wasn’t a Springer Spaniel but she needed us so we bought her home, becoming Brittany owners by accident! Her elderly owner had recently died and she’d been left “home alone” with a neighbour popping in. When the family came to clear the property they didn’t want her.

This first picture is when we’d just got her home. She was very overweight (so much so that when I took her to my vet the next day for a check-up he asked if I needed a hand lifting her onto the table! (How rude!!!) She was incredibly stressed and had a very matted coat and awfully neglected teeth. Apart from having a heart murmur, a partially paralysed larynx, blocked anal glands and being in need of a dental apt she got a clean (ish) bill of health (no arthritis or cataracts) and my vet sent us home with an Adaptil cover to try and calm her down.

Getting her to lose weight turned out to be easy; she was stressed at moving home, in mourning for her owner and not interested in the healthy ‘dog’ food I was offering (in fact she still prefers human junk food if given a choice!) She went from 20 kgs to 15 kgs in about 3 months. I slowly built up her walking times/distances (with consideration to her heart murmur) and eventually she began accompanying us on our normal walks, playing in the garden, running on the beach and attending local fun dog shows.

She enjoys life to the full, is full of fun, loves people and still chases birds and cats out of the garden. We know Sheba was brought over from France by her original owner when she was about 18 months old and her chip certificate says she was chipped in France in 2001. Now in her 16th year she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease at the beginning of 2017 and we know time is short but she has been such a joy to own. She’s funny, fun-loving, resilient and such a ‘madam’. We love her very much and because of her, we would consider a Brittany in the future.

Fran and Jay did some research when they knew that Sheba originated from France and found the BCGB Facebook. Some more knowledgeable members suggested that she could be a Brittany X? She is such a character and now, unfortunately due to her heart medication, she is a little incontinent and has to wear nappies, she take it in her stride – all made easier with her being a bobtail!

Final photo is Sheba feeling well and attending Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue Charity Dog Show where she came 1st in the Veteran Class! Bless her, we feel very proud of her every day.

26 June 2017 Update
Tonight little old Sheba’s poorly heart finally gave up and at 16 yrs old she was peacefully sent on her way to Rainbow Bridge. She’s left a Brittany shaped hole in our little family. ? ❤️