e-Britts Summer 2017 Newsletter

My Spring Pointing in 2017

My Spring Pointing in 2017

This is a brief record of Will Tyler’s spring pointing experience this year.

I applied for ten spring pointing tests; one was cancelled (due to crops too high); in the draws, I gained a place on five.

My dog is Noah (Hawkwise Berkutchik). He is eleven years old and entered his first test when he was six. He has an outstanding level of talent and ability in pointing tests and I am fortunate to be able to work with him; at times, I struggle to keep up with him mentally.

Noah (Hawkwise Berkutchik)

1 April, Frolesworth, German Longhaired Pointer Club
We started in winter wheat and Noah worked the ground well. This lead into game cover (not within rules). Birds were running around under the vegetation. One flew up and Noah was eliminated as he had not pointed it.

2 April, Wardy Hill, German Longhaired Pointer Club
He had two runs, covering his ground well and fast, but there were no birds. They had been running out of the fields.

8 April, Frolesworth, German Shorthaired Pointer Club
Noah was excellent. He hunted, pointed, roaded-in and flushed three of the four birds in classic style. Unfortunately, after the first bird, I had a mental blackout and could not remember what had happened. I sent Noah in the wrong direction, spoiling his performance on the second bird. The judges downgraded his certificate to Good.

22 April, Kelby, Hungarian Vizsla Society
Noah was awarded Good. I will give more details in the next Newsletter.

29 April, Thriplow, German Shorthaired Pointer Club
The wheat was up to Noah’s shoulders; twice the normal height. It was hard work and he did well. There were no birds. At the end of the run, both judges came up to me and shook my hand, saying that it had been an honour to watch him. He had deserved the praise. After only a few yards of his second run, he pointed sharply, dropping low. Two birds then flew off. He was graded Very Good.

It was a pleasure to meet John Wordsworth with his lively Brittany on 1 and 29 April. It would be lovely to see more Brittanys in the future as they are so good at spring pointing.