Stud Dog Form

This form is for BCGB Club members who wish to publish details of available Brittany Stud Dogs on the Club website (seeĀ Stud Dogs).

When the form below is submitted you will receive an Email confirming receipt. The information provided will be reviewed prior to being published.

If you have any questions please email Puppy Register & Stud Dog List Co-ordinator

Stud Dogs Available Form

Enter the dogs registered name.

Enter a link to your dogs pedigree (e.g. from

Enter in format 3 / 4 = 7. If not available enter NA.

Enter any details of health tests e.g. Sable or Bobtail genetic test, eyes, elbows etc

Enter height at shoulder in cm e.g. 52cm

Has your dog successfully sired at least one litter.

Enter any comments that may be useful for people considered whether to use your dog. Limit 500 character

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I confirm that the details provided are correct and agree to them being published on the Brittany Club of Great Britain website.