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The Great Scottish Brittany Day Oot 2022

Sunday 21st August 2022

Whoof Club Dog Centre

I dreaded looking out the window on Sunday morning, as it had been bucketing for a couple of days before, but I needn’t have fretted – I awoke to a beautiful day! It was warm, but not too hot, and the sun shone on us all day long, with a very welcome gentle breeze! And, we had chosen the right day as it rained again the day after!

Our venue – Whoof Club Dog Training Centre in West Calder, near Edinburgh, owned by my friend Margaret Murdoch was ideal due to both large indoor and outdoor areas, all securely gated and fenced! Margaret runs obedience classes and had set ap a Rally in one area – I saw a number of people having a go at that, and they all looked as if they were having a great deal of fun.

There are many facilities, including toilets, a kitchen area, numerous rest cages, tables, chairs, a huge granite slab table and chairs outside, as well as access to a very large rough field where we planted the borrowed, caged pheasants for the TAN. I’d made a few cakes, and thought they were safe in the kitchen, but one enterprising Munsterlander has springs in its feet and was seen doing a standing jump. Luckily, we managed to save everything!

It is difficult to trace Brittanys in Scotland as there is no record of them given to me, I searched our Facebook page, and trawled the internet, asked friends. I usually throw it open to other HPRS and friends, in order to make numbers worthwhile for the invited trainers, but I needn’t have worried! We had a record number of dogs on the day – 15 Brittanys, 8 Large Munsterlanders, a Hungarian Wire haired Vizsla, a Hovawart, a Working Cocker, and a sweet kelpie/collie cross. They all ran around together with only a few minor squabbles, mostly protection of their Mums and Dads

I had contact from more Brittanys than came on Sunday, so I now have contact details for many of them, and we have a bigger numbers base for the next Scottish Brittany Day Oot.

However, it would be helpful if breeders or rescue centres could let their new puppy owners and adopters know that they do have a contact in Scotland for Brittanys who can help with any issues. I can be contacted on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and my club email address My mobile number is on the club website, on the A1 Breed Specialist Judges list.

It was very kind of our Acting FT Secretary, Dave Anderton, to offer to judge the TAN, having to drive all the way north from Lancashire to Central Scotland. One of my previous trainers, Bill Thayne, has passed away, and our trainer last time, Kenny Hamilton, had moved much further North. One of our local families, Ian and Caroline Stewart, offered Dave a bed for the Saturday night.

Unfortunately, my KC trainer friend Lynne, who was to test the Good Citizen Bronze, had a massive car breakdown on Friday, and wasn’t going to be able to get to the venue, so I was very fortunate that Andy Leckie, a local KCAI trainer, was able to fill in at a days’ notice. Andy has helped me train a few of my Brittanys over the years, Missy to Silver, and Allez, Belle, and Freckles to Gold.

Of the 22 which attempted the TAN Dave awarded TANs to 16 dogs, eight of which were Brittanys. I think he enjoyed the day as much as we all did. He gave me a short summary which I quote below

“On August the 21st I attended the BCGB Scottish meet – several activities had been arranged by Anne our Scotland rep; one of those activities was the TAN and I had the privilege of running and judging, I had a variety of HPRs, but mainly Brittanys

It was a warm dry day with a good breeze which helped dogs complete the task and show that they had natural ability to find game and at the same time work with the handlers. It was interesting to speak with them (owners) and find out that the majority are pets and they didn’t know what to expect, but all were surprised at how the dogs behaved and showed the hunter in them.

Certificates were handed out and I believe some have taken pride of place.

Again, many thanks to those who made it possible and to Ian for sorting out my accommodation on Saturday.

Dave Anderton

Acting Field Trial Secretary

Our certificate presentation at the end had Dave and I struggling to read our own writing, trying to find the right combination of handlers and dogs names, but we got there eventually! Three had already left and their certificates were posted out to them

Andy had eleven dogs attempting the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze test, and passed six of them, of which two were Brittanys (well done Albie and Bonnie!), the other five were not quite ready so can try again next time. I didn’t even try with my Tom as he’s a live wire and couldn’t possibly stay still for 20 seconds let alone a full minute – yet! Perhaps we’ll try it next time. Andy was very busy so didn’t get much chance to meet the other owners, but he assured me that he thoroughly enjoyed the day.

I was delighted to receive gifts this year of an engraved glass for the two trainers from the Club, very much deserved for their hard work.

Everyone loves photos so I must thank Mo Gray for bringing her posh camera and giving us some really special photos, and to all the others who also sent me a selection, or posted them on Facebook

I too thoroughly enjoyed the day, but I really need someone younger to take over the reins; I’m well over my sell by date 😊 Any offers?

Anne Massie

Scottish Representative BCGB

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