e-Britts Summer 2017 Newsletter

What is Spring Pointing?

Photograph taken by Christine MacDonald

Mandy has asked me some questions and I list these below with my answers. By Will Tyler.

As I am a complete novice what is Spring pointing used for?
Spring pointing was originated to discover and determine the natural hunting ability of pointing dogs for breeding purposes. Each dog will be judged and may be graded according to a set of rules. These can be found on the club’s web site. It is not a competition against other dogs. It is an excellent activity in its own right.

Is it practice for experienced dogs only or a training opportunity for very novice dogs and trainers?
It is for all dogs over six months old. Your dog should have some basic hunting ability. Spring pointing was not intended for training purposes but it serves this function very well. It will allow you to interact and bond with your dog from a basic to highly advanced level but patience and observation is essential. The judges are happy to give advice as required.

Would you recommend it to others to try and why?
Without a doubt. It will give you access to wonderful big fields containing partridge. There are few better learning opportunities. You will meet like- minded people. You will learn more about the incredible intelligence and ability of your dog and the only thing that it was bred to do.

Should you wish to speak to one of the club’s mentors, contact our Chairman via the web site and he will put you in touch with one.